Wheels off zone isn’t really wheels off

Fresno State student riding through the wheels off area on her scooter at Fresno State on Tuesday, March 10, 2020. (Armando Carreno/The Collegian)

The wheels-off zone at Fresno State is not truly a wheels-off zone, according to students. 

Micheal Dewar, a third-year music major, said, “[Students] not following the wheels-off rule and not enforcing [those rules] is the problem.”

Christian Bueno, a senior majoring in women’s studies, agrees with Dewar. 

“Students don’t follow the rules,” Bueno said. “They still ride their skateboards. It’s annoying, and it should be enforced.”

Both Bueno and Dewar said they have had numerous close calls in the wheels off zone. 

“I’ve literally had to jump out of the way to avoid collisions,” Dewar said. Similarly Bueno was almost run over by a skateboarder.

Jamie June Jones, a senior majoring in art, said the wheels-off area near the Conley Art Gallery is dangerous. 

“[Skateboarders] try to do tricks sometimes off the cement steps,” Jones said. 

Even when calling the campus police, Dewar said he has yet to see police enforce the rule. 

“It seems like campus police only care if money is involved,” Dewar said. “They are always giving out parking tickets.”

Amy Luna, manager for emergency operations and business continuity, said the wheels-off zone near the library is a heavily populated area. 

“The zone is [marked as wheels-off] to reduce the use of vehicles and to deter skateboards, scooters, and bicycles in order to avoid conflict with pedestrians and persons in wheelchairs,” Luna said. “This was done out of concern for the safety of our campus community.”

Although the area is wheels-off, campus police do not issue citations to anyone who violates that rule, Luna said. 

If campus police are not more strict with the wheels-off rule, students will start looking for other regulations to ignore, Dewar said. 

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