Sponsored content: What Services Does a Hair Salon Usually Provide?

If you are considering opening a hair salon or preparing a business plan for your future hair salon, you want to take time to consider what services you plan to offer. The services you offer will determine many other factors, including the size of your salon, number of technicians and beauticians needed, supplies, salon chairs, and equipment.

There is no exact list of services that all hair salons must offer. There is also no limit to the number of services a salon can offer. Some salons, to build their business and diversify their revenue stream, they branch out into massage, skincare, nails, tanning, and more.

If you are interested in opening a hair salon strictly, as opposed to a spa-style salon, here is a list of the services that hair salons typically offer.

Haircuts and Styling

The most basic service a hair salon should offer are haircuts for men, women, and children. While some salons specialize in certain areas, it is expected that the beauticians will be able to cut all types of hair. Drying and styling the hair before the customer leaves the salon is also a standard service and included in the cost of the haircut. Being able to offer every customer a haircut and style means ensuring that all the beauticians have experience with different types of hair.

Hair Coloring

Hair coloring is one of the most popular services offered at a hair salon. Because home hair coloring can go wrong in so many different ways and box colors are not healthy for hair, most people go to salons to get their hair professionally colored. When a customer goes to a salon, they assume they can get the exact color they want because your beauticians will be able to mix colors to create the look they want. Hair coloring may include all-over color, touch-ups, grey cover, highlights, lowlights, and more. As trends in hair coloring change and evolve, the expectations of beauticians also changes.

Hair Extensions

Hair extensions have grown considerably in popularity over recent years as long hair has become more fashionable again. Throughout the 1980s, 1990s, and early 2000s, short hair was the popular choice. However, that has evolved again as women want long, lush locks. Yet, not everyone has the patience to grow their hair out or the thickness to get natural volume.

Formal Hair Styling

Hair salons also specialize in formal hairstyling for weddings, proms, and other formal events. Formal hairstyling often includes curling and teasing for the perfect up-do that won’t fall apart on the dance floor. Formal hairstyling takes time and can be a frustrating process getting the look the client wants. However, most women do not have the experience or knowledge to create their fantastic up-dos, so it is a valuable and needed service.

Perms and Relaxers

While not as popular as they once were, permanents and relaxing are style services salons are expected to offer. Whether your customer has naturally straight hair or naturally curly hair, you need to be able to help them get the look they want.

Possible salon services are not limited to this list. There is a wide range of specialty services you may choose to offer, but this list provides the general expectations. When creating a business plan for your salon, you can use this list as a starting point. You can also use this list as a basis to price out supplies and equipment you will need.

There are many supplies you will need regardless of the services you offer, and it is essential to keep the comfort of your client and the quality of the service in mind. For example, when receiving services, your clients will be sitting for long periods. You want them to be as comfortable as possible, so choosing hair salon chairs that are functional, attractive, and extremely comfortable is essential. Certain expenses you do not want to cut back on, and high-quality salon chairs are one of them.

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