Students Who Go to the Theater Are More Knowledgeable and Empathetic, According to Study

Parents will do anything to give their children the best chance to develop into happy, self-sufficient contributors to society. People have adopted some seemingly weird techniques and tactics in the name of providing their child with a leg-up in their personal growth. The key to coming up with a strategy that will optimize your child’s development is to find something that is both entertaining and enlightening.

What would you say if someone told you that a theater ticket could double as a key that unlocks hidden potential? Studies show that kids who attend or participate in live theatre are more knowledgeable and empathetic than their peers. Continue reading to learn how the cultural experience of Broadway theater can help your children become well-rounded adults.

Benefits of Live Theater to Child Development

The public theater is an entirely different type of learning setting that engages the mind in a way that watching a movie or reading a play doesn’t. There’s just something about seeing a performance in person that grips the imagination and elevates consciousness.

According to a study, students who see a live production comprehend it better than those who only read the same play. Those who went to the theater remembered much more than their counterparts in the control group.
One of the main benefits of live shows is that they involve music—which is a powerful aid in learning. Furthermore, the actors bring the story to life through their body language in a way that movies and books don’t. They also cover a range of different topics that help children to acknowledge and accept differences in people.

You Don’t Have to Go To New York City to Get the Broadway Experience

You don’t have to live in New York or Los Angeles to get the best of the theater industry. Through partnerships, Broadway shows travel to the San Francisco Bay Area, Dallas-Fort Worth, Washington DC, and other major cities. Broadway producers put a lot of money into making these productions come to life, and New York City and London’s West End are often the first legs of tours.

There are theaters all over North America that are part of the Broadway League, so there’s a Broadway production coming to a theater near you. It’s as simple as going to a website like TodayTix to get lists of shows that will be touring in your area.

If You Do Decide to Take Your Child to Broadway or London’s West End

If your child falls in love with live theater and is showing marked improvement in his school performance, then you should reward them. A trip to New York or London’s historic West End to get the full experience of the theater industry’s most hallowed quarters could be life-changing. That’s a first-time experience that he will never forget.

The key to getting the best price for West End and Broadway tickets is to get them early. You don’t want to be trying to get rush tickets at the last minute. You should get your plane and Broadway tickets at least a month in advance to ensure that you get a bargain for both.

Also, you could get in on the “subscription/membership revolution” and join TodayTix. TodayTix offers just about everything a theater aficionado could want. It’s brought to you by the Great Hill Partners private equity firm as well as co-founder Merritt Baer and CEO Brian Fenty—a long time patron of the arts.

TodayTix comes with the TodayTix app that makes it easier to get last-minute tickets, allows you to set show alerts, and even offers ticket lotteries. With TodayTix, you and your child won’t have to miss another Broadway production in your area.

The theater industry has a lot to offer your child’s bright young mind. Who knows, maybe he’ll catch the Broadway bug and become a Broadway producer like Brian Fenty and Merrit Baer. Even if he doesn’t go into the theater industry, at least he’ll be a more compassionate and well-rounded adult.

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