Should I Get a Lawyer for a Car Accident That Wasn’t My Fault?

Millions of Americans are injured in car crashes every year. It wouldn’t be surprising to find yourself in a car accident, but what if it’s not your fault? If you’re the victim of a crash that wasn’t your doing, here are the questions and answers you might need. 

Should I get a lawyer?

According to a well-respected car accident lawyer in Maryland, an incredible attorney will help you earn the most money possible from your accident claim. If you’re filing a car accident claim, the goal is to receive monetary compensation for any personal injury that occurred during the crash. A fantastic accident lawyer will get the biggest settlement possible and do what he or she can to settle the case out of court. This will save you time, money, and stress. Ultimately, if you’re planning to file a claim, you need a car accident lawyer. 


Who pays for repairs to my vehicle?

Since you didn’t cause the accident, the other driver’s insurance will cover the cost of repairs to your vehicle. He or she should report the crash to the insurance company, but you’ll also want to contact the company to make sure the other driver lets them know. Gather the appropriate information from the person, including his or her name and insurance information. The other driver may need to cover some costs out-of-pocket, depending on his or her plan, but as long as the insurance agent determines that the crash was not your fault, you won’t need to worry about that. 


Who pays for my medical bills?

If you’ve been injured in a car accident that wasn’t your fault, you’ll need to know how your medical bills will be paid. The at-fault driver’s liability insurance should pay for the bills. How much the other person pays depends on his or her current insurance policy. If you’re anticipating a few simple orthopedic treatments as a result of the crash, you can probably rest assured that the other driver’s policy will cover the costs. However, if you find yourself with a chronic or serious injury, talk to a personal injury attorney. He or she can help you file a claim and receive proper compensation. 


Do I still need to contact my car insurance company? 

If the other driver really did come out of nowhere and the car collision wasn’t your fault, you might be tempted not to contact your insurance company. Don’t make this mistake. Your provider still needs to know what occurred, even if the blame rests entirely with the other driver. He may be reluctant to tell his own insurance company, in which case you’d want to make sure you’ve already told your provider. Alternatively, the at-fault driver might deny that she’s to blame or her provider might side with her in the absence of any proof against her. Your insurance company might need to launch legal proceedings against the other driver, so don’t neglect to inform them about the crash as soon as it happens. 


Who completes the police report?

If the police came to the scene of the accident, they will complete the report. You can notify your insurance agent and attorney that there was a report filed and they can request it from the police station. If you’re in a two or more car accident, you should be calling the police to the scene. However, there are some instances where this isn’t possible, such as in very remote or rural locations. In this situation, collect as much information as you can while at the scene and take photos and talk with eyewitnesses if there were any. Then you can submit the police report yourself. Don’t trust that the other driver will do it, especially if he or she was at fault. 


If you’ve been in a car crash, don’t panic. Follow the necessary steps, work with a professional, and you’ll have no trouble settling the matter.

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