Aug 10, 2020
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My Extended Family is Doing Theme Days to Help Cope With Being Home All Day. Where Do I Buy Clothing for Patriots?

Walking past stores or browsing online for clothing, you are bound to see some sort of patriotic line relating to a variety of branches, support, and charitable way to give back to our troops and show patriotism. Here are a few places where you can buy clothing for patriots.


This option seems to be the most popular one just due to the mere variety and choices that are out there. Unique brands that are showing their artistic and creative ability to support our patriotic mindsets without it just looking like you’re wearing a flag. From workout attire, graphics tees, accessories and even shoes channeling in the pride we have for our freedoms with a valuable sense of independence. 

Charities Supporting Patriotism

We find it heartwarming when organizations seek a mission to help support our freedoms and troops that make it happen on a daily basis. Supporting fundraising efforts to help our soldiers during their tours of duty and beyond is our patriotic duty as Americans to wrap our arms around those who have seen others and may have themselves paid the ultimate price for our freedoms. Organizations like the Elks Lodge make it their only mission to give back in every way helping in a brotherly patriotic American fraternity. They love and support all things patriotic and have a list of companies that support their mission. 

Department Stores

We have all been to the mall and discovered new stores and step into our favorites and are likely not going to make our way out without seeing apparel focused on loving the American values. Designers have stepped up their games and want to combine fashion with patriotism supporting our mission as a free and independent country. Some offer donations to organizations like the USO who support our current and veteran troops and others with relief efforts like the Red Cross who are on the front line with every disaster our country faces. Most department stores will show more of an effort to illustrate their patriotic clothing lines when we have holidays like the 4th of July, Memorial Day, Veterans Day and now the 9/11 Remembrance Day. 

Political Rallies

You can bet that there will be a large presence of patriotic apparel present at most political rallies, especially near election years. Carts set up outside selling everything from shirts, scarves, signs, and hats defending their political parties nominee and unfortunately bashing the other. Saying why the future will be more focused on a patriotic stance in government than it would be if the other party was on top. The most abundant signature item is the proud flag displayed. We are all in a country that ultimately wants to make it a greater and safer place to live so during these times we should all rally together under One Nation Under God as it is proudly expressed. 

Large Cities

Most large cities in America have their rich history and wrap their arms around their duties to be patriots of this great nation. You will find apparel of every sort filled with patriotic gestures of how much Americans love their country. For instance in NYC, this may be a far greater example that shows the resilience and determination of Americans. With the Statue of Liberty at the forefront of what patriots see as a free nation. You can see the dignity and respect vendors and small local stores have in their boroughs joint efforts to excel in that portrait of patriotism. 

Buying clothing is a decision we all make every day. Showing style and a sense of allegiance reflect our values and where our heart strikes a sense of belonging among all patriotic Americans. 

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