Aug 10, 2020
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Keto Diet Pills: Do They Work?

Starting the Keto diet is a big move and step in the direction of a healthier lifestyle.  You’ve done your research, so you stayed hydrated and replenished your electrolytes to avoid the Keto flu in the first few days. So far, so good. A couple of weeks went by and then…you slipped.  Two pieces of pizza and a beer!

Relax. It’s not the end of the world (or your diet)! Cheat days, a drink or two with friends and other fun things are bound to happen. Yes, they will knock you out of ketosis, but thankfully there are Keto diet pills that may be able to get you back on track!

They might seem like magic, but some studies do back this up. Below we’ll explore what Keto diet pills are, how they work, and how some people may benefit from them in their efforts to stick to the Keto diet long-term.

Keto Diet Pills Explained

How the Keto diet works, in a nutshell, is by depriving your body of carbs you force it to go into ketosis. Ketosis is a process where your body starts to burn fat deposits when it runs out of other energy stores. The fat is turned into ketones that the body then uses for fuel.

As a result, you end up burning a lot of that extra weight fairly quickly on this diet. That’s why it’s gotten so popular in the past few years.

When you have a cheat day with more than your allowed 50 grams of carbs, you will not be in the low carb range to induce the ketosis process. This is where the diet pills really help. 

The most common ketone in the body is called beta-hydroxybutyrate. Until recently, the only way to increase the amount of this ketone present in your body was through natural ketosis. However, recently, keto diet pills have been developed that you can take as a shortcut.

How Keto Diet Pills Work

Since they instantly increase the amount of this particular type of ketone in your system, your body becomes primed for ketosis. It’s a quick way to jumpstart your body when starting out on the Keto diet, while also being great as a backup if you slip up during your diet. Since it typically takes anywhere from 1-4 weeks to get into ketosis naturally, these pills can turn your body into a fat-burning machine much sooner.

In addition to putting you into ketosis immediately, these pills are reported to have a bunch of other great effects on your body, including:

  • Appetite suppression
  • Increased energy
  • Better focus

Empowering Lifestyle Changes

The keto diet is an important first step in adopting a new and healthy lifestyle. Because of the side effects of the diet like sugar cravings, fatigue, or muscle soreness, it can be difficult to stick to the long term. Keto diet pills can help you on your journey and empower you to stick with it.

These supplements are clean—so there are no additives or sugars. Since they may also work to decrease your appetite, you may end up consuming fewer calories throughout the day and losing even more weight than you would otherwise. And since these pills can possibly help you achieve ketosis sooner, you may start feeling the benefits sooner. We, humans, tend to continue doing what feels good, so more motivation to continue with the keto diet!

Choosing the keto diet can be really difficult at first, but there are ways to make it easier. Diet pills can help some people jumpstart their keto journey and keep them on track when they slip up. After all, we all need a little pasta in our lives once in a while! 

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