Aug 10, 2020
Courtesy Fresno State Archive.

BREAKING: Fresno State suspends frat, calls incident described in YouTube video an alleged sexual assault

Fresno State placed the Kappa Sigma fraternity on interim suspension Thursday, one day after a former student said in a YouTube video that she had fallen asleep at a Jan. 31 party there and awoke to someone having sex with her without her consent.

The woman, who was a member of a sorority, later said in the video that she was pressured by some of her friends to not report the incident. She then showed a text message from a man she had met at the party who said that someone had possibly drugged their drinks, causing her to black out.

She said that she reported the incident to Fresno police.

“While fraternities and sororities are recognized student organizations, they must comply with campus policies even though they are governed by a national organization who are separate, independent legal entities,” said Dr. Carolyn Coon, dean of students and acting vice president for student affairs. “At Fresno State, Greek organizations who have chapter houses reside on private off-campus property, which explains why the Fresno Police Department is conducting the police investigation.”

Fresno State President Joseph I. Castro issued a statement Wednesday about what the school called an allegation of sexual assault.

“Violent crimes of any kind, particularly sexual assault, are heinous and despicable, regardless of location and circumstances,” Castro said in a press release. “They are in direct contradiction to our university values that are based on respect for the integrity of every individual. We will continue to do everything in our power to protect and support victims of these crimes.”

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