Jul 07, 2020

ASI presidential candidates discuss platform

*The statements below were written by the ASI candidates themselves.

Ruby Muñiz

Hey Bulldogs! I am Ruby Muñiz, a third-year student majoring in political science and communication. I love Fresno State, and I believe there are four improvements that need to be made to our campus: accessibility, affordability, community and safety. This is my major platform. I believe we should increase awareness and funding for the great but underrepresented student services that already exist on our campus, while also building new programs that spend money in ways that directly benefit a large segment of students. With nearly constant tuition increases, we need to make sure our tuition is going back into programs students want and need. 

Being a Central Valley native I feel a sense of pride of the Valley. Living in a time of polarization, it is important to have a welcoming campus atmosphere where all students are aware of what ASI can do for students. When tragedy arises, students are often unaware of where to turn. My history in ASI has been one of collaboration across campus to meet the needs of students. I will ensure ASI fulfills its mission. I’ve had the privilege for the past three years to help revitalize our community. What my past three years have taught me is every one of our 25,000 students, need someone to act on problems and concerns they are facing on campus. I’m different from past presidents or the other candidates because my plans are based on serving every Bulldog on campus with plans I can implement within my year as president. I have a record of making changes. As a senator, I have implemented programs that benefit students, including updated equipment at the Rec Center, starting the Veterans Resources Center and creating the Expectant Mother Parking Program. I’m the ideal candidate for ASI president because of my approachability and responsibility. I recognize that a lot of students on our campus think ASI doesn’t care about their interests, if they even know what ASI is. I am committed to fighting for students’ needs. I have a history of fighting for students at Fresno State, where I have served on multiple committees and twice as senator. As Senator for Diversity, Equity; and Inclusion, I believe diversity comes in all forms, and I make an effort to listen to the concerns of all students on our campus. Individually, every student on this campus is great, but together we are unstoppable.

*Note: Fresno Pro-Life Future, Students for Life at Fresno State and Bernadette Tasy, current president of Fresno Pro-Life Future and former president of Students for Life at Fresno State, have informed The Collegian that information in the above statement was untrue. They have informed us that Muniz’s statement of, “creating the Expectant Mother Parking Program,” is false as she had no involvement in the creation of the program.

Naila Estrada

As president, I would make sure that students know about their student government and that they are here to voice their concerns, and ideas. If students don’t know who they can talk to where would they go for help? 

In addition, changing the atmosphere around campus with having more events, and conversations about student involvement, self-care (mental health awareness) in and outside of the classroom is a goal. Lastly, bringing more attention to parking costs (parking permits and daily passes). Most students struggle with paying their tuition and to add more costs can be difficult. Students also commute from far places, so we should look closely into that (reducing costs). Students shouldn’t have to pay for parking if they already pay for their education. 

I feel like these will be beneficial to everyone. Students wanted change in: bringing more attention to the free resources on campus (getting emails about free counseling at the Health Center), being aware of other free resources they are paying for, daily socials for students that commute, and knowing who to go to when issues arise. 

There are no ideal qualities to be a student body president. Anyone can become it, because if you are motivated and have heart nothing can stop you. Doesn’t matter where you come from, what obstacles you’ve been through, because none of us are perfect. Running was something I wanted to do for a while, but I decided to take time to investigate the school to see what’s out there, only way I would be able to give advice or resources is if I was acknowledgeable. I am running in hopes of making sure your voices are being heard! Platform: To be a Voice for the Voiceless, for those who are afraid to speak up because they are afraid to be judged, for those that sit in the back of the classroom, or for those that just want to be heard.

“We are all meant to shine as children do. It’s not just in some of us; it is in everyone. As we let our own lights shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others” -Marianne Williamson.

Elizabeth Rocha Zuniga

As president, I will foster a campus climate that is inclusive, academically centered and ensures that the needs and concerns of students are being enacted upon. Leading to a thriving community for all. I will work diligently to ensure that students are aware of conversations being held with administration regarding your concerns. The need to be transparent, and inclusive in the decision-making processes, is a priority for me. Pushing for shared governance to address student needs is necessary, and is something that I am capable to do as your president. My experience serving as a senator and currently as your vice president of external affairs has prepared me for this role. 

The focus for my presidency is the following: affordability, accessibility, awareness, inclusivity and involvement. Currently as your vice president of external affairs, I have been in discussions revolving around a variety of topics impacting students and I have advocated for change and improvement for the student’s best interests. These conversations have not only been within our university, but also within organizations that push for the success of the students I serve. As your president, I want to ensure that our amenities across campus are known and being utilized. We need to shift our focus to academic excellence and student success by creating innovative ways that lead all students to reach their full potential. 

Being a vice president this year, I have been able to work alongside administration starting the conversations revolving around issues impacting our student body. There are plenty of different ways that our university can improve upon and change to be most adaptable for we the students. The need to increase our programs, to unfold our campus’s strategic plan, and to create a strategy to bring forth positive change.  

The ASI president must be someone with integrity, servitude, experience and diligence. Someone who is capable of putting their interest aside for a larger purpose. Our campus needs a president who knows how to carry out the responsibilities of being a decision maker. These qualities and more is what my campaign for ASI president: is about; a campaign for students by students. It would be an honor to serve you, and I hope I can count on your vote for this election. Thank you and go Dogs! 

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