Time management is key to staying well

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After transfering from Fresno City College, I decided I wanted to graduate from Fresno State in a year and half, rather than two years.

The truth is, I have always put an intense amount of pressure on myself because I was already a year behind from when you are “supposed” to have already graduated.

As someone who spends most of their time being stressed and anxious about time management, I want you to know that you can most certainly take a lot of units and manage to succeed.

However, your time management is key in order to keep yourself physically and mentally healthy.

Yes, graduating is such an exciting accomplishment and continuing to graduate school or your dream job is exciting.

Yet you need to be able to perform to your best ability in order to achieve those goals and that does not start with being sleep deprived in the process.

If you work in between all of your classes, it is essential that you are giving yourself breaks in between. 

Self-care is not selfish, so stop sitting at home thinking “I need to be at work.” Yes, the extra money is helpful and in most cases necessary to pay bills. 

However, if you have the ability to take a half or full day to rest, then rest.

Work will not burn to the ground without you, that is most likely capitalism making you believe that you need to be there.

Take one assignment and day at a time.

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