‘The Perspectrum’ exhibit to change and perceive students outlook on art

The Perspectrum Exhibit currently displayed at Phebe Conley Art Gallery, show casing "A Human Eye Versus the Word" Tuesday, Feb. 4,2020 Armando Carreno

“The Perspectrum” exhibit, currently displayed at the Phebe Conley Art Gallery, gives viewers a chance to look at art in ways their own eyes can only perceive it.

The art offers an interactive experience for viewers to determine what they are truly looking at and can judge for themselves.

“The Perspectrum: A Human Eye Versus the Word” exhibit was created and displayed by artist Robert Hagen and faculty from the art and design department at Fresno State.  

“When words polarize, colors, shapes and spaces have the capacity to unify,” said Glenn Terpstra. “Advances in Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) in the near future will change how we understand and experience our built domains.”

The artwork varies from many different forms at first glance. Most of the artwork is painted with bright colors that glow in the dark and reflect light, also incorporating the use of LED lights. 

Terpstra is one of theYa artists who had their artwork displayed. “Word Wall and a Full Range of Emotion” consisted of screenprints on wood that had emotional words painted in bright colors like silence,  alone, despair and misery. 

The art display also included a mysterious white couch and a table with a screen projector displaying quotes on the ceiling. 

“Known for so long, but knowing something new, as if the past barely existed, but only as a grainy reflection of the future,” said Hagen.

“This show explores how a space can be transformed and how a viewer transforms the experience of that space,” said Terpstra. “There is no right or wrong in interpreting the work, but how you choose to navigate the atmosphere is relative to individual points of view…. All unique.”

Hagen and Terpstra want the emotion pertained by the viewer to rely on interaction and not just from looking at physical paintings.

More importantly, it is a part of the SIXHalf Artist Collective and relies on bringing the artistic community together and integrating their artistic ideas for the greater good.

“The artist collective aims to bring artists together who share in this movement and create work relating to the power of social engagement and positive influences,” said Terpstra. 

David Ordaz, an art major at Fresno State, said, “The first time I saw it, I fell in love with it. Just to sum it all up, I really like the interactivity of this art show. It is not a traditional, ‘Here’s a collection of paintings and statues it is  more of a creative experience than it is an art show.”

Ordaz said he appreciates the interactivity of it all and the use of predetermined algorithms that accompany the artwork. 

“The Perspectrum: A Human Eye Versus The Word” is still available to the public at the Phebe Conley Art Gallery, running until Feb. 14. 

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