The Apple of my eye

Courtesy Creative Commons

I was reluctant–to say the least–about buying a MacBook. But the temptation was everywhere.

When I went to community college, I could have sworn I would only see the occasional laptop. When I got to Fresno State, less than half the students in my classes would take notes on paper. 

This is what I started out doing. 

Now I’ve joined the dark side. I take notes on my MacBook. 

This sounds like a stupid thing to debate over, but I was stressing when I first started school. It was peer pressure. Like I said, it seemed like most people had laptops, and their laptops were MacBooks, or something just as nice. 

If I did want to take notes on my computer in class, I was looking at packing up my early 2000s Dell laptop. We had great times together, that laptop and I, but I could not bring that thing to school and risk the embarrassment that would ensue. 

I’m not saying I’m a college student who wanted to be cool, but I am saying that I’m a college student who didn’t want to have the oldest laptop in school. So, yes I eventually caved. 

Now let me tell you, when I heard the cost of one of these bad boys, I almost backed out. But like the bad student I am, when I found out you could text from your laptop I practically rung up the item myself. 

I realized how much easier it is to take notes on your computer than it is on paper. I don’t regret my buy at all, but I do regret letting peer pressure talk me into buying a luxurious item. I also hate myself for getting a laptop with so many fun things to do on it that I may neglect to listen in class, but what can you do? 

Now this might sound like an ad, but it’s not. I am going to let you decide for yourself if you want to buy a MacBook or some other fancy computer to use during class, but I just wanted to say I crossed over to the dark side and I don’t regret it one bit. 

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