Student involvement will enhance your experience

I don’t know about other students, but I spend the vast majority of my time on campus. In fact, the majority of my life is spent on campus. 

In my early college years, I had a “get in and get out” mentality. The moment I was out of class, it was a race to get back to my car and back home to my family, television and homework. At that time, college was tolerable. Nothing exciting, just something I had to do. 

It was a checkmark on my to-do list. 

College was the bridge I had to cross in order to graduate and get my real life started.

However, for many people, college takes up many of our young adult years, four of them to be exact, and sometimes more. This survival mentality I had just wasn’t going to cut it. There had to be more to this college experience than taking tests and passing classes each semester. 

And there is. I found a new dynamic to college through student involvement. 

For many years, this was a dynamic to my education that I had been completely overlooking and tons of opportunities I’d been ignoring. 

Once I took advantage of some of the opportunities the college offered, I found myself enjoying my college experience more.  By stepping out of my comfort zone and taking a few leaps of faith, I was not only improving my college experience, but growing into a better student. 

Getting involved with clubs and other activities was a choice I am glad I made. 

Our campus offers students numerous ways to get involved. There’s sports games, special events, volunteer opportunities and clubs to join. It’s a great way for students to take their college experience to another level. 

Often, with a student ID, students can get free tickets and a free guest pass to upcoming men’s basketball games. 

Fresno State’s Student Involvement offers programs to students on leadership and event planning. More information about these can be found on the Student Involvement page on the Fresno State website. 

There are numerous clubs for students to join. 

Student Involvement also offers volunteer opportunities for them to serve their school, like helping out with the upcoming Vintage Days. 

There are opportunities on this campus for students, meant to get students involved with the campus and peers they will spend years of their lives with, and it is up to students to utilize these resources. 

Students should be involved on their campus. Getting involved on campus isn’t a waste of time, or even difficult, but instead an amazing way for students to step up, meet new people and serve their college campus. 

It’s a way for students to grow and become more connected with their campus and its community. 

Getting involved with your campus is one of the best ways for students to take their college experience to another level. 

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