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We asked the Fresno State community how they met their significant others and their most memorable Valentine’s Day stories. Here’s what they had to say:

“I feel like Valentine’s Day is a capitalistic scam, but I love a good pizza. Last year for Valentine’s Day we got a heart-shaped pizza from Me-n-Ed’s, stayed in at home, and got drunk off a nice cabernet sauvignon. It was perfect.” — Sam, 23

“My favorite Valentine’s Day memory was when my dad bought me a bouquet of flowers and my favorite candy apple, while singing ‘Beautiful in My Eyes’ by Christina Bautista.” — Diane

“Terry and I met Dec. 4, 1973, in the Student Union. I had made an appointment to interview him for my marketing research class. He decided to follow me to my next interview, which was in the Social Science Building, and to ask me for a date. I really wasn’t interested, but he persisted. Terry showed up at my door on Valentine’s Day, 1974, with red roses and tickets to the Lily Tomlin show at The Hacienda. I decided this was a guy I might like. We just celebrated our 45th wedding anniversary.” –Delaine, 67

“He and I were introduced by a mutual friend because we’re both musicians [and have been all our lives]. We started spending late nights in the studio together writing and producing songs – initially just as friends. The lyrics of our songs kept getting more and more romantic as time went on, until our feelings were so obvious that we had no choice but to tell each other about them. We’ve been together almost two years, and not a day goes by where I don’t thank God for him.” –Anonymous, 23

“We met through our history graduate program here at Fresno State a few years ago. It was my first semester as a grad student and it was my very first class. Our department is relatively small so I looked around the room on the first day and saw a lot of familiar faces. I came across one, though, that I hadn’t seen before and made a mental note to introduce myself later. We slowly became good friends. We were TAs together, enrolled in the couple of the same seminars, and we’d have weekly coffee hangouts. He is such a genuine and kind person, so naturally I developed a little crush. I made it a rule to not date anyone in my department, so the same day he graduated, I asked him out. And the rest is… well… history.” –Rocío, 28

“We went to the same high school. He was such a flirt. He texted me one evening about what songs he should sing. And I gave him some suggestions because I like to randomly sing. Everyone does that. He then asked if we could sing together with some friends at a table at school. He sang a song and I thought he was actually good. Then I sang a song. And obviously he fell for me.” –Janna, 18

“I met my significant other of five years now in our senior year in high school. He was dating my friend at the time, but I always thought he was so cool and attractive, but I respected their relationship and never said anything. They broke up a year after graduation, and we began talking after I began working with a family member of his. My favorite Valentine’s Day memory will be when we go see the new ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ movie this upcoming Valentine’s Day!” –Nicolette

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