Are CBD Products Safe?

Glass bottle and dropper CBD OIL, THC tincture and cannabis leaf on background. Production of cosmetics with CBD oil.

Cannabidiol, which is often abbreviated CBD, has been covered extensively in the media over the past few months. Some people might have even thought about using it to help them relax, focus, improve the intensity of their workouts, or even add it to their coffee in the morning. Of course, one of the most important questions is whether or not CBD is actually safe. There are a few important factors to keep in mind.
First, it is important for everyone to note that CBD is different from marijuana (which is also called cannabis). While CBD is one of the two most common components of marijuana, it does not give someone the “high” that people have often associated with the recreational drug. The compound that gives marijuana its “high” is called THC. CBD is different from THC. Therefore, there is virtually no abuse potential when it comes to CBD, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Next, it is also important to note that CBD is now readily obtainable at CBD stores throughout the United States. While its exact legality is in flux in many parts of the country, the federal government does not enforce regulations surrounding CBD to the degree that it used to. Furthermore, back in 2015, the FDA eased many of the regulations surrounding CBD, allowing medical professionals to conduct clinical trials. This has led to the discovery of many new health benefits of CBD that people are always curious to learn more about. While the government’s position on CBD is still evolving, its legality is increasing.

The exact health benefits surrounding CBD are still being studied. Many people have claimed that CBD can help them manage their sleep problems, anxiety, pain, and more. To date, there is one FDA-approved medication that contains CBD. It is called Epidiolex and is used to treat chronic seizures. As more research is done into CBD, more health benefits might be discovered. This may lead to the approval of more CBD medications.
So, when someone is trying to decide whether or not CBD is safe, these are some of the important points to consider. It is also a good idea to note some of the common side effects include nausea and fatigue. CBD may also increase the levels of certain medications in the blood, such as Warfarin, so everyone should speak with their doctor before starting CBD. Everyone responds to CBD differently. Therefore, it might be safe for some people but not for others. Speak to a medical professional first.

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