My relationship with Upper Division General Education

Students use laptops while taking a Latin honors exam at Ridgewood High School, January 25, 2013, in Ridgewood, New Jersey. (Tribune News Service)

You assumed that just because you’ve paid for me since your very first semester of college that when you transferred to a new school with your associate degree that we were over? 

This is probably the most toxic relationship I have been in, give or take. 

I have sat through years of school learning materials that have never benefited me in life.

My algebra teacher in high school was so sure we were all going to use the quadratic formula to solve world hunger. If you can’t remember what formula I’m talking about, that is my point and neither can I. 

But that was high school, that chapter in my life was over. It was time to explore my passion and gain knowledge about my career.

So I thought.

This is where our relationship began. Back in the year 2017, a new student at Fresno City College. 

Math. again? English. again? Science, history? It was like high school all over. Ridiculous, but something I had to suffer through until I transferred to Fresno State. 

So I thought.

Here we are again present day. A first semester transfer student whose schedule is filled with Upper Division GE, the ones that were available at least.

OK I get it. You take your general education courses to achieve your associate degree. Many don’t retain information from high school, I can see how that makes sense. 

You do get a better education in the college classroom; a refresher is always good. But why am I, a third year college student, still forced to take courses that in no way pertain to my career in broadcast journalism?

My friend told me that it’s just so students can take more classes so the university can make more money. This makes sense, but I am not saying it is a fact. There should be a reason, but what is it?

That’s my point. You can say I don’t know of a reason. I don’t know why it’s a good idea to have “Upper Division General Education.” I just know it’s another few classes added into my student loan debt. 

Who knows? Maybe if I received Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, it wouldn’t be a problem to me. Or maybe if it didn’t waste my time. 

We should have ended this relationship after two years.

So I thought. 

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