Hungry for more options

Photo: Khone Saysamongdy (Collegian File Photo)

I’ll be honest- I love a good cheat meal. I look forward to it just as much as anybody else. 

Of course, in this modern world, it’s so easy to eat unhealthy. There is fast food all around us. Every day is another struggle to try and keep my body going and at least try to feed it some kind of nutrients. 

This being my first semester at Fresno State, I was amazed by all the different food options on campus. I couldn’t believe that after class I only had to walk across campus to Taco Bell. Right across the way was Aresnios and Panda Express. It was all right in front of me. 

The first few days were great, but after that I got frustrated. Nobody forced me to eat these unhealthy foods, but it was just so easy. The only healthy food options on campus is a Juice It Up. I wondered what the vegetarian or vegan students do for lunch? 

College campuses need to do better. Only an hour after my lunch I was feeling full and sluggish. I was half awake during my next class. Instead of feeding students food to fuel their bodies and minds, we feed them processed foods. 

Maybe for every Taco Bell, we could have a salad bar as well. Since we have the benefit of having so many different agricultural resources, we should use them on campus. 

It’s great to have some processed food every once in a while, but there should be more to choose from. In the meantime I’ll bring my own lunch, but I’m hungry for more options. 

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