How Can I Prevent FryEye from Blue Light Exposure?

Also known as Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), fryeye is a specific type of strain on the human eye that occurs after prolonged exposure to computers and other digital screens. The symptoms experienced with fryeye, according to the Official Journal of the Academy of Family Physicians of Malaysia, are believed to be caused by three possible mechanisms. The extra ocular mechanism, accommodative mechanism, or the ocular surface mechanism.

Symptoms of FryEye include eye strain, headaches, dry eyes, neck and shoulder pain, and blurred vision, according to Bausch and Lomb. It is also important to note that these precise symptoms may be caused by other things, such as undiagnosed (or uncorrected) vision impairments, glare on screens, poor posture, and insufficient lighting while using screens.

What Causes FryEye?

While computer and screen time are the prime indicators or causes of fryeye, it isn’t always as simple as exposure to these devices alone. It is often a combination of factors, including things like other lighting used in the room where computers or other digital devices are used, distance between your eyes and your screens, how you are sitting (as in your posture while sitting), and even how you hold your head. Plus, if you have any uncorrected vision problems, they could contribute to fryeye as well. These things work together to create a situation that is ripe for fryeye or CSV to develop.

Preventing fryeye can be quite simple in some cases. It may be as simple as adding additional lighting in rooms where using computers and other digital screens. Some people may need to work on correcting posture to solve the problems. Additionally, visiting an ophthalmologist to see if you need vision correcting glasses or lenses. Finally, people experiencing symptoms of fryeye might need to consider ordering special blue light blocking glasses online. These glasses not only work to soften the harsh blue lights from screens that cause fryeye but also help to relax your vision for greater periods of time so you can extend your screen time when necessary for important work projects, college papers, or prolonged study and/or research sessions.

While the blue light emitted from screens today isn’t a friend to your eyes, there are things you can do to prevent their impact on your comfort and your vision. Fortunately, the symptoms of fryeye appear to be temporary, which means while it isn’t at all comfortable, it isn’t likely to cause lasting damage.

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