Don’t be afraid to seek help

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The anxiety had started right away my first year at Fresno State; I was aware of where to get the help that I needed, but too afraid to reach out. 

The transition from high school to a university was huge, but luckily I was enrolled in the First Year Experience (FYE) program, which made the transition comforting, but not too comfortable. 

The classes became a challenge loaded with essays, quizzes, tests– one after another for five classes. I agree, I was crazy enough to start my first year with five classes, but the FYE program chooses your classes.  

Unexpectedly, I had fallen into the hole of stress, trying to juggle school and my life together while holding in emotions from the past. 

I was not at ease with myself and the problems that I had gone through as a child. I sought the Student Health Center for counseling services, but unfortunately I was not ready to open up about my situation. 

Every appointment with the counselor, I always stated that I was OK and everything was going fine. In reality, nothing was fine. Each night I tossed and turned finding sleep and a way to overcome my emotions.

The second year at Fresno State, I attended counseling services again, and I thought it was going great at every appointment. I was speaking and finding new strategies on how to overcome stress, emotions and family problems. 

Unfortunately, I could not attend any longer, even if everything was going better than in the past with seeking counseling. I continued to be anxious during classes and had trouble controlling the anxiety. 

I was overwhelmed. 

My junior year, I tried something different and sought out to a psychiatrist at the Student Health Center. I had always been opposed to taking prescription medication for my anxiety, but I gave it a try. 

The outcomes of this medication went unexpectedly better for me than speaking with someone in a small room, while they are taking notes about you and acknowledging every movement you make. 

To my point, after attempts at counseling not working out and finally finding a solution that I feel more comfortable with, I recommend to speak out and get help. 

Although my counseling experiences did not work out for me, it does not mean that it will not work for you. Every person is different and every person has their preferences in what is best.

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