Aug 15, 2020

What Are the Types of Lawyer You Can Become With Your Law Degree?

Studying to become a lawyer isn’t easy. There’s a lot of pressure, a lot of studying and a lot of practice. There are so many types of lawyers; it makes it hard to figure out the direction you want your future to go in. 

More often than not, students begin their studies with a pathway in mind, maybe driven by a passion, personal experience or family history. However, this outlook on your future career can often change as you learn and grow throughout your years of study. When deciding what to do with your law degree, there are many factors to consider. 

What is the return on investment (law school doesn’t come cheap)? How much emotional labor does this field require? Are you interested in the subject? Is it something you care about? How many hours are you going to put in for each case? 

There are many questions to ask yourself before deciding where to go at the end of your college years. We’ve compiled a list for you to see the bigger picture and hopefully reach the decision that’s best for you. 

Intellectual Property Lawyer

An intellectual property lawyer concerns themselves with patent law. An intellectual property lawyer takes care of inventors and innovators and helps them protect their ideas and make them legally theirs. 

Imagine you come up with a great idea for an app that will save the bees. You start putting together a team, and you start working on it. Someone with a better tech team gets wind of your idea and beats you to the market. An intellectual property lawyer keeps intellectual property safe. 

To be an intellectual property lawyer, you would also need a scientific or technological background and a license from the United States Trademark Office. 

Birth or Personal Injury Lawyer

A personal injury is a real ordeal to deal with. Being a personal injury lawyer assures you help people who are hurt so much that they cannot handle their own case. It’s one of the more ethical avenues a lawyer can take. 

Personal injury lawyers take over cases for people who have been hurt or injured due to negligence or careless acts of other people.  It’s a big deal when someone is severely hurt or damaged because someone else didn’t care enough. 

Although, from all types of injury lawyers, birth injury lawyers are probably the noblest. Imagine this: your happy and in love, about to start a family with a little one on the way. 

Fast forward to the birth, either your loved one or your newborn child gets injured due to hospital mismanagement or medical negligence. It’s not at all an easy thing to deal with emotionally. Furthermore, you then have to face a legal battle in which you’re neither familiar with medical jargon nor the lawyer jargon. 

That’s when a birth injury lawyer literally feels like a hero without a cape (and not all heroes wear capes). You chime in; you take care of your client and make sure they receive the compensation they deserve. 

Can you think of anything more gratifying than helping a young mourning family get what they deserve and have their disaster made up for? We certainly can’t. 

Political Lawyer, Constitutional Lawyer, or Policy Attorney

A political lawyer is like Obama (a constitutional scholar). They make sure everyone’s constitutional rights are protected under new decrees and laws. This is one type of lawyer that is the backbone of American laws. 

Without policy attorneys and constitutional lawyers, our constitutional rights wouldn’t be protected. Law-makers would make laws as they please, without any consideration for our constitutional rights. 

Furthermore, a political lawyer can work on presidential and other political campaigns. They work closely with the electoral team, making sure they comply with the law. This includes, among other things, campaign funding regulations, and other finance laws. 

Immigration Lawyer

Immigration lawyers have a lot on their plates these days. With immigration being a hot topic in the news, refugees numbers increasing from Latin America, and the Middle East, it’s crucial to acknowledge the importance of immigration lawyers. 

You concern yourself with either helping immigrants make sense of the laws of their new country and its immigration process, or you would assist the government in implementing these laws. Either way, you’re either doing something great for your country or its newcomers. 

Final Thoughts 

Whichever path you choose at the end of your degree journey be sure it’s  one in which you are passionate about, working with people, especially in times of heartache and struggle can be a tasking job. You don’t want to burn out at the very beginning of your career, learn to leave work at your doorstep and remind yourself of the rewards. You are fighting in the corner of people who cannot fight for themselves, be proud of your profession.

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