What Types of Psychic Readings Exist?

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People consult psychics for various reasons. Many seek a psychic’s help for guidance on relationships, love, family, career, and pets, as well as an insight into their college grades.

While many imagine a gypsy staring at a crystal ball, that’s not what a real psychic looks like. However, some do use them.

To overcome skepticism, many psychics offer free readings. This allows the inquirer to gain a better insight into the process and subsequently trust the psychic.

So, what are the common types of psychic readings one can seek?

Tarot Readings

Tarot readers don’t see into the future. They use a deck of cards to interpret and identify the possible outcomes for their subject. By using their intuition, they select the cards that are relevant to the person.

Such findings offer the inquirer more information to make an informed decision.


Known as palm reading, it is the study of the palm, especially the shape, color, lines, and the length of the fingers. It has roots in India and China.

The purpose of palm reading is to determine a person’s character and future. It can also provide details of their life in general, their health, love life, and career path.

When deciding which palm to read, palmists usually base 80% of the reading on the right palm and the rest on the left.

Crystal Balls

As mentioned earlier, many psychics use crystal balls in their practice. Clairvoyants use them to foretell the future by tapping into visions they get through the ball. The art of seeing these images is also called scrying.


The earliest records of numerology were discovered in Egypt and Babylon. It is the study of numbers to reveal information about an individual. Numerologists believe that everything in the world can be broken down into meaningful numbers.

The idea is that a person’s birth date and birth name can affect his or her life’s journey. A person’s life path number can be derived by making basic calculations, and then interpreting it accurately.


Astrologists can predict our present and future life based on birth date, time, and place of birth. Astrology relies on the position of the planets to learn the best times to make changes in our life.


Although psychic readings can provide valuable information about the future, they do not predict it. Individuals are still masters of their destiny and can alter it by using the information to make informed choices that can result in positive outcomes. Don’t rely on these readings to predict grades!

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