Jan 17, 2020
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Holiday movies to watch this winter season

‘Holiday in the Wild’

A woman is forced to get her life back in order when her husband decides to leave her right before they planned to celebrate their second honeymoon on an African safari. Taking the trip by herself, Kate learns the meaning of life in a new way as she stays on vacation throughout the holidays. This movie can be viewed on Netflix.

‘Last Christmas’

Emilia Clarke, known for her starring role in “Game of Thrones,” and Henry Golding, heartthrob in “Crazy Rich Asians,” will play a dysfunctional couple in this Christmas-themed romantic comedy. Set in London, Kate, played by Clarke, has to overcome her string of bad luck and Tom, played by Golding, is the perfect motivator to help her get into the holiday spirit to share happiness with others. This movie is currently playing in local theaters.

‘Santa Girl’

In this romantic comedy, Santa’s daughter skirts away from her responsibility of taking over the family business and dreaded arranged marriage with Jack Frost to try her hand at college before it’s too late to have any freedom for herself. This movie can be viewed on Netflix.

‘Let it Snow’

A snowstorm takes over a small midwestern town on Christmas Eve. and the friendships and relationships between a couple of high school seniors are changed forever as they have to push through their feelings and the cold weather to make it to Christmas Day in this romance drama. This movie can be viewed on Netflix.


As Christmas Day approaches, postman Jesper realizes he’s the worst at his job but is enlightened by what an act of kindness can do to a person. Moving into a new town in the north, Jesper discovers where Santa is hiding and befriends the jolly toymaker in an unforgettable way. This animated movie can be viewed on Netflix.

‘Christmas Break-in’

On the last day of school before Christmas break, Izzy’s parents are late to pick up the energetic 9-year-old, and a blizzard only makes matters worse. As little Izzy waits at school, some intruders are up to no good as they break into the school and kidnap the janitor. With everyone else off enjoying their break, it’s up to Izzy to save the day. This movie can be viewed on Netflix.

‘The Knight Before Christmas’

Actor Vanessa Hudgens plays the role of a sweet high school science teacher who becomes friends with and has to help a 14th century knight who was transported to modern-day Ohio. As medieval knight Sir Cole becomes accustomed to learning the intricacies of modern life, he questions whether he really wants to return home if it means leaving the kind teacher forever. The movie will be released on Thursday, November 21 and will be available to watch on Netflix.

‘Frozen 2’

The long-awaited continuation of Elsa and Anna’s adventures continue in the sequel to “Frozen.” As the two sisters learn more about Elsa’s magical powers, something dark and mysterious seems to plague their kingdom, and they must set off on a journey to figure out how to save everyone from a certain evil. This animated movie will be in theaters beginning Friday, November 22.

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