Jun 06, 2020
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Why are Women’s Oxford Shoes the Most Popular in the Office?

I’ve just started my internship at a high-end company, and everyone dresses very formal in the office. One trend that I have seen is that everyone is wearing oxford shoes – well, most people. It’s a trend that I am not familiar with yet, but it seems to be a go-to choice for all of the women in the office.

What is it about these shoes that are making them the most popular in the office?

Trends come and go, but women’s oxford shoes are popular for four main reasons. When you see women wearing these shoes, it’s because:

Formal dressing is how a lot of women and men make a strong first impression. When it comes to being formally dressed, the Oxfords allow for a formal look that is clean and professional. But depending on the color chosen, you can also wear some pairs as a business casual shoe, which works well for every occasion.

True-to-size in fit, these shoes fit better than most office shoes minus the pain and discomfort. Style is all about having the right fit, and Oxford shoes allow for a nice, comfortable fit that looks perfect on you. Handmade, these shows are reliable and durable, and the manufacturers focus all of their attention on the shoes’ details.

They fit well, and they’re also able to offer a long-lasting durability that a lot of shoe manufacturers have seemingly lost in the last few decades.

High-end Oxford shows are Goodyear Welted, so they’re built to be sustainable and rebuildable. These shoes are all about longevity, and the way that they’re designed, they can be resoled for the lifetime of the shoe. With the ability to resole the shoe, you have a shoe that can last the wearer a lifetime.

Comfortable yet stylish, there’s another benefit that is the real reason for the Oxford shoe becoming popular in offices across the world: they replace heels. You can be stylish and comfortable while not wearing a pair of heels.

Women used to choose heels because they were the stylish option of footwear, but they’re also impractical. When you wear heels, pressure will be focused on the front of the foot and toes, leading to foot pain and discomfort in the office. Women choose the Oxford shoe because they’re able to maintain that high, professional look without having to suffer with wearing heels all day long.

It’s really about comfort, and there’s nothing wrong with a woman choosing to be comfortable when she’s in the office.

And with high quality comes leather, too. A lot of these shoes come with a beautiful leather exterior, leather soles and leather lining, too. The resoleable construction options and cork midsole seen in a lot of authentic Oxford shoes will also conform to the shape of the person’s foot.

Oxfords are the nice middle-ground option for the professional office woman. They keep the feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer while also being suitable for casual use and office use. The unique curves and vintage style give the Oxford shoe a benefit that heels and other office shoes fail to produce.

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