Tips on How to Dress for a Date

I’m normally a jeans and button-down shirt type of guy when I go on dates, but there seems to be a trend of people wearing more athletic clothing. I am going on a date this weekend with a girl that I’ve been friends with forever. Whenever she is out, she’s always in athletic clothes, so it seems like the perfect opportunity for me to wear something comfortable and athletic.

But I’m not used to wearing athletic clothes on a date. Do the experts have any advice on how I should dress?

Athletic attire is definitely in style, but you have to choose the right attire for a date. If you’re planning on going to an upscale restaurant where everyone is dressed in suits, this is definitely not the time to be wearing athletic clothing.

But casual attire is now becoming more tailored and provides a better fit than in the past.

You can definitely wear an athletic shirt to most restaurants. We’re not talking about the sleeveless shirts that people wear to the gym. We’re talking about well-fitting shirts that hold tighter to the body.

According to Willy California, “The new wave of slimmer fit shirts is giving a more tailored and styled look to casual attire.”

If this is your first date, you’ll also be happy to hear that a new survey has shown that activewear is acceptable on a first date. When you wear activewear, you look more relaxed and approachable, and for women especially, this shows that you’re not trying “too hard” even if you changed outfits a dozen times.

Zoosk found that men don’t mind women wearing activewear, with 75% of men claiming that they support the trend on a date. But women are a little less accepting, with 59% approving of the trend. The survey found that activewear was a turn on for the majority of singles, so your date may actually like your outfit more than you think.

Since you seem to have a history with your date, you can always go on her Facebook and Instagram to see how she dresses when she goes out. This will allow you to determine if she’s going to dress to impress, or if she wants to go on a casual date.

The attire will really have to fit the atmosphere of where you’re going. A date out to lunch and to see a matinee will more than suffice for activewear. When it comes to shirts, you can choose a fitted option, or you can leave a zip up shirt open with a nice, contrasting undershirt to complete the look.

Pants are going to be more difficult than your shirt and it’s best to wear tighter-fitting pants, too. The final part of the process will be your shoes. Most men seem to forget this important detail, but it’s best not to wear your extremely worn gym shoes on your date. You can wear sneakers, but try to avoid any footwear that may be torn, contains holes or that completely throws the outfit off with off colors.

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