The Central Valley crisis

The city of Fresno skyline. (Larry Valenzuela/ The Collegian)

Poverty is such a critical issue in the Central Valley. I am a student at Fresno State, and for the past couple of weeks we have been doing some reading about poverty in the Central Valley in our Sociology 130W class. 

In the past few weeks, I have become more knowledgeable about poverty in the Central Valley, and my findings have had a tremendous effect on me personally. 

I feel that every individual must be knowledgeable about the social issues that define the society in which we live in. For us, it is critical to be well aware of the socio-economic problems that make up the Central Valley. 

We have to play an integral role in policymaking that shapes social norms along with policymakers. We have to be involved as common citizens as much as, if not more than, policymakers in developing the rules and regulations that create the social structure of the Central Valley. 

What strikes me most is that even though the Central Valley produces agricultural products in abundance, there are children who are unable to access those agricultural products that are produced. 

Fruits and vegetables are abundant in the Central Valley, but they are inaccessible due to increased prices for men, women and children.

I urge readers, students and faculty to contact their respective representatives to inquire about any forms of assistance for people affected by poverty in the Central Valley.

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