Fresno projects combat housing crisis

Genaro Molina  Los Angeles Times TWO MEN

According to a report from ABC30, the homeless population in Fresno has steadily increased from 1,279 in 2018 to 1,400 so far in 2019. 

There should be more cities in California that take the issue of homelessness seriously.  

This city has proven to me that this is not such a bad place to live some outsiders claim it to be. 

The many years that I have lived here, I have seen so much change, and the issue of homelessness is one that is being changed. 

According to an ABC30 article, the city of Fresno has opened up a new home complex for families to transition from street life to a roof over their heads. 

Of course, the good thing about this is that pets are welcomed as well. The changes that have been made for the people who are struggling is made possible by state funds. 

I believe this is a great start to decrease the number of those who need motivation to get back on their feet. 

Although some would say that people lose everything because of their choices, I would disagree. 

People should not be put aside to solve their struggles alone because everyone comes with a different story and everyone deserves to be helped. 

There should be a place for them to go whenever they have nowhere else to go. A place where they can get help, shower, get a meal, but also stay warm or cool depending on the weather conditions.

The city of Los Angeles, the place where every tourist visit has the largest population of homelessness, with more than 50,000 people unsheltered.

However, within the years to come Fresno could experience a higher number of homeless population due to rent going up, as well as other reasons contributing to the problems.

Nobody changes overnight. Everything takes time. Patience is key.

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