3 Strategies Guaranteed to Increase Business Visibility

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I’m a small business owner currently working on building my customer base and growing in the market. The time has come for the business to implement new ideas and strategies to raise brand awareness and gain traction in the market. 

I am asking the experts what are three strategies guaranteed to increase business visibility? 

In order to increase your business visibility, you need to be smart and selective about your marketing strategy. This is how you introduce your brand and business to new audiences. To increase visibility, you have to be visible. Let’s discuss how marketing, networking, and evaluation are smart strategies guaranteed to increase your business visibility. 

Use the Right Marketing 

It’s no secret that having an online presence is crucial to building your visibility. Clients want to engage with well-designed and intuitive websites. You should invest in building an attractive online image where clients can learn more about your product and service offerings. Consider your target audience and create an identity that they can relate to. 

Have a blog on your website and utilize SEO practices to drive traffic to your website. Standing out in web searches makes your business appear as a source for answers and introduces new clients to your brand. 

Social media is a must in order to interact with your clients. Use this outlet to engage your audience with quality content that will resonate with them. Be smart about your social media presence by selecting two to three outlets that your target client base relates to the most. Post valuable content that will entice clients to learn more about your products and services. When creating content keep sales in the back of your mind but don’t blatantly sell or push your brand through social media. The right social engagement will do this for you. 

Online information sites such as Go Look Up provide multiple services to find out information about people. With reverse white pages you can perform a reverse lookup of unknown phone numbers and find out information about the people who own the numbers. 

Invest in Networking

First impressions set the tone for how you are perceived in the business world. One way to increase your business visibility is to build a strong business network by reaching out to other local businesses. Take the time to network and get to know your fellow business owners. Talk to them about their business and learn what challenges you have in common. Be open to sharing your experiences and learn from the experiences of your fellow businesses. 

Attending networking events is a great way to make new connections and meet potential clients. Strengthen these new connections via LinkedIn and connect with them on appropriate social media. The more engaged you become with the community, the more you can begin to stand out as a brand and leave a lasting positive connection. 


Measure your success by taking the time to evaluate your strategies. Use metrics to analyze traffic to your website and social media platforms. Pay attention to how many clients are engaging with your business and where they are engaging. Use focus groups to evaluate new business strategies. Think about how your audience already interacts with your business, then see how focus groups react to new promotions. 
Create a survey to supplement your analytics and focus group research. Sites like Survey King allow you to create online surveys for free to track customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and market research. Use built-in reporting tools to analyze survey results and use these findings to further improve and maintain your business visibility.

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