The necessity of reminders

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In college, there is an expectation that students have their lives together. They are expected to get to class on time and are not forced to attend every day of school and every class period. 

Students are expected to be self-sufficient, knowing what they have to do, when  and getting it done without excuse. I fully recognize and appreciate this expectation, but I would also appreciate the occasional reminder that something is due. 

Since I started college, I have noticed that a good portion of my professors do not inform the class that they have to read three, 20-page articles by the next class or that an abstract is due the next day. 

The expectation that students know everything that is happening in every class they take at all times is ridiculous. 

There should be a courtesy reminder when assignments need to be turned in rather than this blind hope that students have scoured through the 16-page syllabus for the 100th time that day to find the exact collection of stuff that needs to get done.

This process is only exacerbated when professors are behind or ahead on the syllabus or do not even adhere to what their syllabus outlines in the first place. 

If there is no discussion on that part of the professor about what students are expected to have prepared by next class, then students are shoved into a corner.

They have no guidance on what they’re supposed to be prioritizing, so they’re buried under the vast array of possible assignments and readings they may be expected to have prepared.

I know we aren’t in high school anymore. But even the best of us need a reminder once in a while and a little help fishing out what we are supposed to have done in order to remain on top of our school work. 

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