Aug 15, 2020
Fetch is a food ordering app at Fresno State that replaced the previous app, Tapingo. (Larry Valenzuela/The Collegian)

Students can ‘Fetch’ food with new app on campus

Fresno State’s previous app Tapingo, is now being replaced by an app called Fetch after a top-ranked vote survey from faculty and students that happened on campus last spring.

Fetch, a food-ordering app through Blackboard, is now partnering with Fresno State for students to continue to avoid long lines for lunch. 

Mark Plattner, Fresno State’s auxiliary IT manager, said the change from Tapingo to Fetch is to provide more functionality, the ability to add more campus dining menu options and add additional dining concepts that will be included in the New USU.

Fetch is a third party app that must first be downloaded through The Mobile Order app. Once it has been downloaded, the app icon will appear under the title Fetch. 

The app can be downloaded through the Fresno State Mobile App, App Store or Google Play. 

Once the app is downloaded, users can simply select the Fresno State option and type in their Fresno State student or staff ID number to access Fetch.

Fetch has many similarities to the Tapingo app, such as skipping the long lines and being able to order in advance at Taco Bell Express, Subway, Panda Express, The Bucket and Robertitos. 

However, one new feature is that the Fetch app is connected to students’ Fresno State Bulldog student IDs. Therefore, they will have the option for orders to accumulate on their student account balance or, just like the old app, they can type in their debit or credit card information, as well. 

Another new feature on the app allows students to explore a broad selection of customized orders, as well as select specific pick up times for orders.

However, one feature students should be aware of is that after typing in their student ID, purchases will automatically be charged to their student account. Therefore, students must double check the feature to make sure they are selecting the payment method they prefer, in order to avoid charges on their student account. 

After asking what students thought about the new app, Leah Lopez, senior and sociology major, said she had some suggestions for improving the new application.

“I am a frequent user of the mobile app, being that I usually do not have long breaks in between my classes, and [I’m] still happy they decided to keep [a] mobile app,” Lopez said. “But honestly, I really wish they would add companies like Juice It Up! or find a way to partner with Starbucks.”

“Once the New USU is constructed, those dining concepts will be added to Fetch,” Plattner said.

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