Seven Reasons to Pursue Mechanical Engineering

Looking for a career change? Questioning what you should pursue during your time in higher education? There’s a pretty solid answer for you: Mechanical engineering. The profession has seen an absolute explosion in both student enrollments and workplace demand, and it’s likely that it’s only going to continue to grow. Plus, while there are some fairly obvious reasons to consider the profession, there are some you might not have considered at all. The following are a few reasons to pursue mechanical engineering.

The salaries

If you’re looking for a career field that has incredible starting salaries and immense growth potential, mechanical engineering has you covered. Often, mechanical engineers start in the mid-to-high 60 thousand range and go up from there. Plus, with the market demand for mechanical engineers, you will have no trouble securing your ideal placement. 

Global opportunities

Since mechanical engineers are so highly-desired in all global regions, your location prospects are seemingly endless. Businesses worldwide work with mechanical engineering staffing agencies to find recent graduates or seasoned engineers to join their teams. This means that you have your choice in where you want to live and this doesn’t have to be limited to the United States. If you have a strong hankering for some international exposure, mechanical engineering could be your ticket across the world. 

Large course variety

If you consider yourself a lifelong learner, you’re going to love the varied course offerings a mechanical engineering degree provides. Depending on the program and the university you choose, you might be facing up to 800 potential course listings. While this has the potential to be overwhelming, it ultimately means that you’re able to specialize in mechanical engineering exactly as you see fit and take the direction of your choosing. This also has the potential to open up your career prospects even further. 

Looking future-forward

Mechanical engineers across the world are responsible for a vast amount of the technological breakthroughs coming down the pipeline. As a mechanical engineer, you’re on the frontlines of the future and are responsible for finding solutions to many of the problems faced by communities of all kinds. Whether you’re working to enhance mobile technology or are interested in creating green product alternatives, there’s a market in which you are needed and through which you can have a lasting impact.

A constant challenge

If you like pushing yourself, enjoy constantly testing your limits, and are looking for a career path that will always keep you on your toes, you’ll love mechanical engineering. Unlike some industries that tend to remain fairly static over the years, mechanical engineering sees constant changes and evolutions. This means that you’ll always be working to stay abreast of the latest technological developments. 

Top-tier colleagues

If you like surrounding yourself with the best and the brightest hard-working individuals, there are few better career opportunities. The caliber of students and professionals that pursue mechanical engineering is so high that you’re bound to be in near-constant contact with the sharpest minds in the industry. This can lead to some powerful collaborative networking opportunities that could truly shape your future. 

A vast skill set

This speaks to the previous point about challenging yourself. If you like learning everything about how mechanical components work and applying that, you’ll walk away from a mechanical engineering degree with an immense skill set. The tools that mechanical engineering can provide you with are numerous and, of course, serve to make you that much more employable. 

Mechanical engineering is an excellent career choice for undecided students or professionals looking for a career shift. It’s a great path that offers a wide swath of benefits without compromising academic integrity. For a high-paying career that offers broad challenges and immense potential to impact the world at large, you can’t go wrong by pursuing mechanical engineering. 

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