How Can I Boost My Social Media Engagement?

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I spend a lot of time on social media, and while I have amassed a large following, it seems that I can’t really keep my followers engaged. I am not sure what I am doing wrong, but I would like to be able to leverage my social media accounts to increase by business’ sales.

What method or techniques do you recommend to help boost my social media engagement?

Social media has a massive reach, and you’re on a good path to success by gaining followers. Hopefully your followers are in your ideal market demographic so that you can sell them products more easily.

Ad spending on social media is expected to be $93 billion this year, with 53% of businesses spending money on advertising.

Advertising will be a great way to boost sales and engagement. You may want to work with an advertising agency to help you create ads that actually work well for your audience. Stick to agencies that have experience on the social platforms that you already use. A Facebook advertising agency that focuses primarily on Facebook is better positioned to help you reach your social media goals.

Your goals may be to increase sales, but a lot of businesses are paying to gain followers and boost their engagement.

If you have a large following and little engagement, hire someone to perform an assessment of the content that you share. It could be that you’re being too promotional or sharing content that really doesn’t generate engagement.

Methods that you can start to employ today that will make a significant difference in your engagement include:

  • Ask. When you ask questions in posts, people tend to respond and engage with an account.
  • Add. You don’t pay attention to posts or companies that do not have a personality, do you? Add personality into your posts and show that there’s a real person behind the business.
  • Images. A simple tip, especially on Twitter and Facebook, is to add images to your post. Images can double your likes and shares.
  • Insight. Consumers are researching businesses more now than ever before. These consumers want to get an inside look into your business’ operations. Provide these inside looks through behind-the-scenes videos, employee appreciation or through Live Video which can boost engagement drastically.

You should have consistency with your posts. You need to be posting daily, but you always need to have a theme for your posts that works. Analyze your current posts to see which ones perform well and which do not. Analyze why one post is a failure and one is a major success to help you refine your future posts for engagement.

Become engaged.

Our expert claims that a lot of businesses want consumers to engage with them on social media, yet these businesses are not engaging back. If someone asks a question or leaves a comment, return the favor with a thoughtful comment. Share some of your followers’ posts and really jump head first into engagement.

When you engage your followers, you’ll be surprised just how quickly they’ll start engaging with you.

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