3 Reasons to Make Your Next Trip a Nature Vacation Adventure

A trip to the outdoors can be a great way to take a break from the rat race of everyday life and reconnect with yourself and loved ones. From a variety of outdoor activities to the opportunity to experience a new location, there are plenty of reasons to consider heading to the wilderness for your next vacation. If you’re on the fence about whether or not to make your next vacation a trip through nature and adventure, here are three reasons you may want to consider taking the plunge. 

Save money

Unlike expensive trips to amusement parks that require lengthy hotel stays, staying on a campground often only costs you the price of a camping permit. The average cost of a hotel stay is $141 a night, meaning that for a three-day weekend getaway, you could end up spending over $400 before even factoring in things to do or eat. Tents and other gear like hiking boots and a collapsible baton for portable self-defense all can be acquired at relatively cheap prices, allowing you to enjoy your trip without needing to worry about your budget. 

Besides reduced lodging costs, many of the activities you’ll enjoy during your nature adventures are also inexpensive or, in some cases, free. Hiking, bird watching, and fishing are all simple, cost-effective things to do that will bring you hours of enjoyment on your trip and won’t break the bank either. If you’re interested in fishing but don’t have poles or a tackle box, it never hurts to ask around. Chances are, a friend or family member can lend you their equipment so that you don’t have to spend a dime on anything but bait.

Relieve stress

If you’ve ever gone on a vacation only to leave even more stressed than you were when you arrived, you’re not alone. Studies are showing that an overly-planned vacation can actually lead to a lack of relaxation. A few days in the woods doesn’t need too much planning, though, and it actually allows you to slow your pace down and enjoy each moment in the present. In case that isn’t enough of a reason to seek the outdoors when you need a surefire way to eliminate your stress, consider that hiking and other forms of exercise are equally important in reducing anxiety and tension. Studies have also illustrated that being around plants and nature can play a similar role in relieving stress, making a vacation outdoors a win-win when you truly want a trip that is as rejuvenating as it is relaxing.

Try something new

You’d be surprised how many Americans have never been camping, and it could be that you’re one of them, Family vacations are relegated to museums and theme parks, and most people spend more time watching television than pursuing outdoor hobbies. Planning a nature adventure vacation allows you to try something you may have never tried before and grow from the experience. While you may have climbed trees as a kid, you’ve probably never experienced a tree climb that included ropes and harnesses and offered you the chance to climb incredibly high without fear of falling. Activities like this are just the types of things you can do with a trip outdoors, offered in places like Panola Mountain State Park in Henry County, Georgia, whose motto is “History Has a Name.” Not only are activities like these truly exhilarating, they’re also the sorts of authentic things you couldn’t find in an amusement park.

From affordability to range of activities, there are countless reasons to make your next trip an adventure into the outdoors. With the diversity of regions and environments throughout the country, the possibilities when it comes to creating a unique getaway that will spark memories for years to come are endless. Best of all, you don’t even have to travel far to find a site to camp at if you don’t want to, which gives you plenty of time to focus your energy on vacation instead of travel.

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