What Should I Do If I’m Always Falling Asleep Studying?

College Student Falling Asleep while Studying for her Finals - Isolated Background

I’m having a lot of trouble staying awake and studying. I want to get things done, but then I seem to crash or get distracted. Before I know it, I’m back in this massive hole that I can’t seem to escape from. Studying is going terribly, and it seems that I’m just always drained.

Do you have any tips on how I can escape from this zombie state?

People are busy, stressed and overwhelmed. You’ll find a lot of college students are not sleeping enough. Statistically, college students sleep 6 – 6.9 hours a night. An overload of activities keeps college students awake at night.

And studies show that this lack of sleep impacts:

  • Mood
  • GPA
  • Safety
  • Health

Before you start chugging energy drinks or going online to buy nootropics, it’s important to get your sleep in order. Adults need between six and ten hours of sleep per night, but this number changes drastically from one person to the next.

Try sleeping 7 to 8 hours per night and see how you feel in a few weeks.

Eating good, nutritious foods can also help. Eating carbs for breakfast, for example, can make some people crash, while it helps others feel wide awake.

As for your studying, sleeping more will help you retain more information and stay focused. A lot of students are also turning to Modafinil which is a prescription drug that acts as a nootropic. This drug helps students maintain their focus and has also been shown to keep mental alertness high even during times of sleep deprivation.

But you don’t want to use a drug for coping with your bad sleeping habits.

In the ideal world, you’ll be sleeping more often so that your body doesn’t need a drug to stay alert and awake.

Negative effects of taking drugs can include chest pain, headaches, rise in blood pressure or heart rate, increased urination, and a slew of other side effects depending on your nootropic of choice.

Wakefulness drugs also have safety concerns, and one of the concerns is that these drugs will cause your brain to start producing dopamine. Dopamine is naturally produced by the body, but when drugs start to produce it in massive quantities, it can lead to addiction. In fact, many of these drugs actually target the addiction center in the brain, causing people to not be able to function without them.

Energy drinks are also worrisome because they have such high levels of stimulants in them. A lot of people have stopped drinking energy drinks because they lead to rapid heartbeat, type 2 diabetes and can also lead to caffeine overdose.

Shaking, agitation and even restfulness are all known side effects of energy drinks.

Party less and sleep more. If you’re eating right and sleeping a lot with no change in being drained or unfocused, you may be suffering from a health issue. Speak with the nurse at your college and see what the nurse recommends.

If you’re not out partying but stuck inside all day worrying about exams, go out and destress a bit. A little “me” time may be in order in this case.

Another good tip is to study once you wake up. If you get the studying out of the way early in the day, you won’t have to worry about crashing.

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