Nov 18, 2019
Illustration of doctor's desktop with different pills, capsules, statoscope, syringe, blue folder with label 'Erectile Dysfunction'

Why Younger Men Are Getting Erectile Dysfunction

I’ve been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, but I am in my mid-20s. The issue is that a lot of my friends also have issues in this department. There seems to be a major shift in the erectile issues of men in recent years, but why?

Is it just that men are more open about these issues today than they were in the past?

Doctors are starting to become more aware of younger men suffering from erectile dysfunction. There was a time when men were told that the issue was 100% psychological. Other doctors would tell their patients that they were suffering from too much stress and anxiety.

Brushing off ED was very common, but now it’s starting to become more acceptable and more men are searching for ways to put an end to their ED.

The majority of men who have been diagnosed with this condition are over the age of 50. But a recent study shows that there have been additional findings in recent years. One study conducted by the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that 25% of new patients that have onset ED are under the age of 40.

Why aren’t we hearing about all of these men? No one wants to admit that they have issues in bed.

These men can find relief with oral medications, such as Sildenafil which help increase the blood flow to the penis.

Men in their mid-20s are claiming that “this shouldn’t be happening to me.”  The condition has been shown to impact 30 million men in the United States alone. This figure is up from 18 million in 2007, and some people are blaming the “hook up” culture. Tinder, where people tend to hook up often, is the source of many stories where women state that men cannot get an erection.

The new dating culture is one where there’s little intimacy and also little time to get to know a person. Perhaps these men have anxiety or are stressed about going on their date, and this can impact psychological triggers that cause a person to not be able to get erect.

Men are also less active today than in the past, and this lack of activity is leading many men to suffer from low testosterone levels. Desk jobs have replaced warehouse and physical labor jobs. You can try to get to the gym more often. Exercise can help to improve your testosterone levels and also help alleviate stress in the process.

ED can definitely be psychological, but it’s not the only cause, as many doctors have suggested in the past. You can also have hypertension or diabetes which are two conditions that are also known to cause erectile dysfunction.

Drug use and alcohol use can also be causing the issue. Daily marijuana smokers are three times more likely to suffer from impotence issues. With many states legalizing marijuana, the trend of issues in the bedroom is expected to increase.

Leading a healthy lifestyle, losing weight and also exercising more often can help you potentially increase your sex drive.

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