How Do You Find Videos Outside of YouTube?

For quite some time now, YouTube has been the largest name in online video content. As a Google brand, the platform often sees search preference and has made it difficult for other services to compete. This, coupled with YouTube’s somewhat imbalanced content algorithms, has led many browsers to seek out alternatives to the site. The only question is: Where do you find quality video content that isn’t directly controlled or influenced by YouTube?

Before you go off searching for your new favorite video platform, it’s important to note why healthy competition is so important for the content giant. As a Google-owned monopoly, YouTube has a significant impact on the appearance of video content throughout the web. On top of this, the platform’s size has made it so they’re able to go largely unchecked since no direct competitors are the right size to do so. This has led to some recent controversy with advertiser pushback, mass-demonetization of content creators, and algorithm changes that are burying videos from smaller channels.

This isn’t to say that YouTube has lost its value as a platform. While the brand frequently has to backpedal and has faced a troubling number of scandals in recent years, they continue to develop their service and add value to the end user. However, this doesn’t erase the fact that video content on the internet is all but homogenous as a result of YouTube’s preferential treatment. This is why increased diversity and greater platform representation are paramount to showcase a wider spread of what the web has to offer. Thankfully, one brand is looking towards the future with their video platform.

Petey Vid is offering content lovers a simpler way to search for videos online.

Petey Vid was never created as an anti-YouTube platform. Rather, it was developed in response to a vocal group of web browsers that were tired of seeing the same content from the same sources on the same sites. It was born of a need for diversity and better content representation across the internet.

Make no mistake: Petey Vid isn’t a simple content aggregator. Instead, it operates as a full-fledged video search engine that crawls and indexes videos from across dozens of sites such as TikTok, DailyMotion, Instagram, Twitch, and more. Instead of relying on numerous apps to access content, Petey Vid acts as a centralized network where all videos can be found with ease and can be searched via hashtag. It’s a more democratic approach to video content on the internet and is seeing solid early adoption numbers.

Petey Vid is the brainchild of Craig J. Stadler. “With the emergence of many new video and social platforms,” Stadler explains, “I felt it was time to create a new video search engine that provided access to them as well as longtime legacy video sources that may have been overlooked.”

It’s a clever approach to a long-running problem. However, not only is Stadler interested in “equalizing” video content, he’s also using Petey Vid to address the privacy concerns that are posed by conglomerates like Facebook and Google. One of the largest draws of Petey Vid is that it doesn’t track user activity — something YouTube does to then turn around and sell to advertisers. Instead, Petey Vid proudly boasts anonymous search and respects user privacy.

While it’s uncertain whether or not Petey Vid has the muster to take on the world’s biggest video content platform, the brand is off to a promising start. By addressing some of the longtime concerns of the industry and also working to remain scalable, Petey Vid has a bright future for users who are looking for a more diversity in their content searches.

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