Trump’s rhetoric leads nation negatively

Tribune News Service

President Donald J. Trump’s rhetoric has provided a platform for followers to perceive white nationalism and xenophobia as acceptable, leading to increasingly violent incidents across the U.S.

The way Trump speaks to America has fueled more racist behavior because, as president, his leadership sets precedent for citizens follow.

These types of verbally abusive interactions between individuals have elevated into aggressive physical altercations between white nationalists and those they oppose.

This divide in the country has increased as the first term of his presidency nears its end. But this kind of verbal and physical violence stems from individuals who believe it’s OK to harass, hurt and even kill others to support the president’s message about who is truly American.

However, the increase in violence among Americans has not been addressed by the president himself, as he seems to gloss over the fact that his speech can be attributed to these violent actions from his supporters.

The recent number of anti-Muslim and anti-Semitic incidents, more specifically mass shootings, that have occured in the U.S. has proven that Trump’s response to the nation is lacking in his attempts to unify and provide comfort to the victims who have continuously been targeted.

This lack of denouncement and instead opting to side with white nationalists while one terrorist attack happens after another contributes to making racists and extremists, who resort to such violence, feel more comfortable with being overt in their own bigotries. Just like the president does in front of the entire country.

If everyone continues to follow in the negative rhetoric that Trump uses during national crisis events where violence deaths occur, there will be no end to the growing racism and xenophobia in the U.S.

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