Letter: Dissatisfaction over New Student Union plan

Digital rendering of the New Student Union. (Courtesy Fresno State)

I am writing to express my concern over the plans for a New Student Union (NSU) at Fresno State.

As a transfer student, I was not informed about this new building that will now increase my tuition costs.

I believe that all potential students should have been informed before the decision was made up.

Also, there could have been many other ways to pay for the building, which only some students agreed to create.

If there was really a need for the NSU then the finances should have come from elsewhere.

The university is assuming all students want this new building, but some of these new students are just finding out about it.

We, the students, spend a lot of our time in classrooms that are outdated and only ever fixed when something is really concerning.

Instead of putting money into the NSU, the money could have been put into restoring some of the buildings we already have.

There is a problem in the way this building must be paid for, and it also shows that the money from the university is not being distributed evenly.

Colleges have been known to put more money into sports and presidents. I believe that this New Student Union could have been paid for without having it affect tuition, but we, the students, do not realize that universities would rather profit from than help the students.

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