Learn about the responsibilities of the different ASI offices

It is officially election season for positions in Fresno State’s Associated Students, Inc. (ASI), and The Collegian would like to help students understand for whom they’re voting.

Positions up for grabs include: ASI president, vice president of finance, vice president of external affairs, senators for the eight academic colleges and 10 senators at-large. All officers will serve one-year terms from June 1 of the elected year through May 31 of the following year.

All position duties are according to the ASI Bylaws.

ASI President
The president directs the organization’s activities and affairs and serves as the chief executive officer.

The president represents ASI, along with the executive vice president, in all universitywide committees and will act as the “duly authorized representative” of the student senate when no other member has been formally designated for that purpose.

The president will also submit nominations to the student senate to fill vacant officer positions and establish committees with other executive officers when necessary, as well as performing any duties necessary in the best interest of ASI.

Vice President of Finance
The vice president of finance serves as the student government’s chief financial officer and oversees preparation of the annual budget.

The vice president is tasked with keeping and maintaining accurate records of accounts of the properties and business transactions of ASI including, assets, liabilities, receipts, disbursements, gains, losses, capital and other financial matters.

The vice president of finance also advises the president and student senate on fiscal affairs and reviews financial transactions. The vice president is also responsible for providing updates to the student senate on reserves, statements of operations and other relevant financial information.

Vice President of External Affairs
The vice president of external affairs is the liaison between ASI and the campus, local, city and statewide communities, as well as building and maintaining relations with university alumni.

The vice president also provides updates to the student senate on legislation, action, recognition and matters relevant to the external affairs of ASI.

The vice president of external affairs is the corporation’s campus community, local, city and statewide liaison and oversees preparation of resolutions in regard to legislation, action or recognition affecting any body external to ASI. External affairs shall also entail building and maintaining relations with alumni.

Executive Vice President
The executive vice president fills all duties of the president if the president is absent or disabled. He or she serves as the chair of the student senate and may vote on senate matters in the event of a tie.

The executive vice president also appoints senators to designated senator at-large positions, which are approved by a simple majority vote by the senate.

Each of the eight academic colleges will be represented by a senator. These senators will have a vote in ASI.

One of the initial 10 at-large senator positions is selected as executive vice president. The others represent: undergraduate and graduate academic affairs; resident affairs; athletic and recreational affairs; parking and safety; students clubs and organizations; student affairs; Greek affairs; diversity, equity, and inclusion; and veteran and transfer affairs.

The student senate may affirm or override any executive action by the president by a simple majority vote.

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