Nov 20, 2019
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Meet the ASI Executive candidates

G. Belle Vang

Vang is a fourth-year marketing and public relations major, minoring in women’s studies and philanthropic and community-based leadership, who is running for ASI president.

Vang has been involved in numerous leadership roles such as being a Dog Days Orientation leader and campus involvement ambassador.

Vang said she has always been proud to be a part of Fresno State’s community and wants to share the importance of student involvement and all the resources offered.

She said she wants to provide a platform for underrepresented students to voice their concerns about on-campus policies, because she believes students are the core of the university.

Christopher Rodriguez

Rodriguez is a senior musical vocal performance major running for ASI president. He is currently the senator of parking and safety and will be graduating this spring. He will return in the fall to pursue his master’s degree.

He said he is passionate about assisting the student body regarding concerns of health, wellness, access to resources and ensuring college affordability.

Rodriguez is an operations coordinator for Camp Kesem; secretary, new member educator and ritualist in Lambda Chi Alpha; and has been involved in the Advising and Career Development Center and opera clubs at Fresno State.

Omar Hernandez

Hernandez is a third-year animal science major running for ASI president. However, he said the position is not just about him, but is about the campus as a whole.

Hernandez said he wants to improve campus and school pride by reshaping the student government.

He said he wants to hold ASI more accountable for reaching out to individuals and groups that feel unheard or underrepresented.

Hernandez wants Fresno State students to be proud of their individuality, the groups they represent and proud to be Bulldogs.

D’Aun Jackson

Jackson is a third-year psychology major pursuing a minor in criminology and the pre-medical program.

She is an early outreach ambassador for the Office of Outreach & Special Programs, the current secretary of the 17Ai Unit and a national civic engagement trainer for the NAACP, as well as an active member of Fresno State’s Black Students United organization.

Jackson said as ASI president she will work to increase campus support for all students and increase enrollment and representation for underrepresented groups, emphasizing inclusion and equity over diversity, in order to support future Bulldogs.

Erik Sanchez Matias

Sanchez Matias is a senior biology major and minor in animal science running for ASI president.

Matias has been involved in the Pre-Vet club, Nu Alpha Kappa, Dream Success Center and United Farm Workers foundation.

Matias said he plans to make students more aware of the resources that are offered to them and to aid in continuing the efforts for a more green and sustainable campus.

He said that as president he will be the connection between the students and the governmental boards, helping the students’ questions, comments and concerns reach the people who have the higher influence in decision making.

Kevin James Prill

Prill is a business administration major with an emphasis in marketing who is running for vice president of finance.

He is already a member of several campus clubs. He is a counselor for Camp Kesem, the vice president of the FLOCC improv group and the recruitment director for the Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity.

One of the main issues he said he would focus on as vice president of finance is raising awareness about the funds available on campus for clubs and organizations.

He said he was motivated to run for the position after seeing clubs benefit from receiving needed funds.

Parker Fritsch

Fritsch is a first-year biology major running for vice president of external affairs. Fritsch said he is a legacy Bulldog who cares about Fresno State and had many years of experience in charity organizations and leadership.

Fritsch said his main goal is to improve the reputation of the school in relation to other universities in the state and to advocate for the same opportunities and funding as those schools, as well as reduced student fees and tuition.

Fritsch said that he doesn’t think his status as a freshman will limit his ability and believes his experience, including 13 years heading up his own charity, gives him unique insight into the operations of the university.

Hunter Sansom

Sansom is a third-year communication major running for vice president of external affairs. She is currently the ASI senator for the College of Arts and Humanities and has experience with policy and debate.

Sansom said she wants to make sure that college is affordable for students and that each student’s needs are addressed.

Sansom said she would push for expansion of student health and counseling services and food and housing security programs. She also wants to push financial aid restructuring that would benefit all students.

Elizabeth Rocha-Zuniga

Rocha-Zuniga is a second-year student double-majoring in political science and Chicano studies. She currently serves as a senator at-large.

Rocha-Zuniga has been involved in agricultural groups, mental health groups, Ignite, Movimiento Estudiantil Chicanx de Aztlan and the pre-law program. She has also served on ASI committees and has worked with other CSUs, which she says gives her a unique understanding of the position.

She said her goals for the position include making students aware of the programs that are available to them, holding ASI more accountable to its actions and prioritizing sustainability.

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