Proper Presentation Projects Professionalism

Undoubtedly, you’re familiar with the phrase, “It’s not about what you say, it’s how you say it.” Alongside a project’s substance, the package that it’s wrapped in is one of the major determining factors of success.

You can have great ideas and excellent substance, but if your presentation isn’t up to par, then your ideas will fail to captivate your audience. On the other hand, if your presentation is attractive and engaging, then your patrons will be eating out of your hands.

Whether you’re making a presentation to a boardroom full of coworkers or preparing a report, your work needs to stand out. Your work may be the best in its class, but if it looks ordinary, then it will be received as such. Continue reading to see how you can make your presentation or report garner the regard that it deserves.

How to make reports more attractive

By their very nature, reports can be off-putting. They’re formal and full of information — you can feel your enthusiasm for your job evaporating from the cells in your body when your boss hands you a report to review, right? And if this is how you feel, imagine how potential customers might feel if you don’t explain your products or services in an engaging way.

When trying to attract business, you want to incept the name of your company into the minds of potential clients every chance you get. Ink pens, tax folders, and coffee mugs with your institution’s name and logo on them project the image of a company that has its stuff together.

In addition, the more clients see your company’s name, the more they’ll remember it consciously and subconsciously. People go with what they are familiar with — that is the power of brand recognition. If you’re an investment broker, then your success relies wholly upon your ability to get your prospective clients excited about an investment or strategy. Adding color to your investment reports greatly affects how clients view the information that you present to them.

Colors aren’t child’s play — they evoke emotions in people of all ages. A report laid out in black and white will not engage your clients the way a report with blue, green, and yellow content breaks will.  Blue invokes trust, yellow emits joy, and green promotes relaxation. Break up your content about the inner-workings of the Keltner channel trading strategy with colorful headers. Use color to make clients feel engaged and even encouraged by the data in your reports.

How to captivate with your presentation

Putting together a presentation for your peers and superiors can be a nerve-racking experience. You have all of your facts and figures in place, and that’s just enough to help everyone in your audience catch on some much-needed rest. Your points will never hit home unless you are able to keep the room engaged and “under your spell”, so to speak.

Powerpoint presentations have become the norm for people putting on demonstrations before a group. While Powerpoint is an effective tool for presentations, you need to use it wisely. It can be tempting to put together a movie-like presentation, but going overboard will hurt your cause more than help it.

The flow of your presentation is the most important part. It needs to have a true introduction, body, and conclusion, like an essay. Don’t rely on your visual aids to tell your story for you — familiarize yourself with your key points and important data. You want your production to flow naturally. For that to occur, you have to work in concert with your visual aids.

You want your demonstration to engage your audience, but you don’t want it to distract them from the information that you are giving them. With that in mind, don’t overdo it with the animations. You’re not trying to make the next great Disney Pixar classic. Use animations sparingly and only when they fit with the flow of your presentation.

Finally, remember that practice makes perfect! Put on your presentation in front of a mirror so that you can see what your audience will see. Once you’re confident with your demonstration, put on a practice performance for one of your coworkers. If you can captivate an audience of one, then you can do the same to a boardroom full of your peers.

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