Letter to the editor: SHCC wants to increase student fees

Tribune News Service

Did you know the Student Health and Counseling Center (SHCC) is proposing a fee increase for the 2020-21 academic year?

Operating solely off student fees, the SHCC has determined that by 2020 it will no longer be able to maintain its current level of services without a fee increase.

Mandated by the Chancellor’s Office, the fee provides health care services to all students, regardless of whether they have insurance.

Our current health fee falls below the CSU average at $226 per year.

Two proposal options are being explored. The first would increase the fee to $264 per year and maintain status quo services. The second option totals $278 per year and stipulates the addition of a case manager and two counselors to combat the growing demand and wait time for counseling services.

In order to garner student feedback, the SHCC is hosting several open forums to provide further insights on the need for a fee increase, but also to discuss the two proposals being explored.

For more information on the forums, please visit: bit.ly/SHCCFees

Coming in at only $14 per year higher than Proposal 1, Proposal 2 is an opportunity for the SHCC to better meet the needs of students.

The SHCC is a pivotal resource to our campus and being able to increase counseling services would be incredibly impactful due to the role mental health plays in student well-being and academic success.

As an advocate for mental health, I encourage you all to attend a forum, voice your opinion and highly consider supporting Proposal 2.

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