Apr 02, 2020

3 Reasons Call Center Software Integration Is a Must

As the world becomes increasingly connected, businesses are no longer limited to establishing a single location. In fact, with the advent of high-speed communication technology, businesses can leverage the power of said technology to seek diverse geographical locations with optimal conditions for providing specific services.

Many organizations, for example, create call centers in other regions of the country or offshore the services entirely. This lowers expenses without sacrificing access to the right kind of talent. Nevertheless, call centers do not operate in a vacuum. To provide integrated and seamless services, these need to have access to a wide range of data assets and information that facilitate communication with customers.

Therefore, call center software integration is a necessary part of running this type of resource. Read on for more information.

Customer interaction is diverse

Customers communicate through different ways. Some clients feel comfortable calling a business, while others prefer to send a Facebook message or text. This makes it necessary to create a single access to any channel, regardless of the method of communication is.

The methods for reaching clients become even more diverse as technology continues to evolve. Companies that operate such a business need call center software that’s capable of not only integrating with popular channels, but also adapting to possible future developments.

Furthermore, integrations should be smart, and initiate and guide conversations using bots and artificial intelligence where content and language is analyzed to understand or categorize the type of discussion and hand off the chat when ready. This increases efficiency while maintaining a high level of service.

Continuous contact management

There is nothing more frustrating than explaining a problem to a service representative and investing time in the conversation, only to have the call dropped. Regardless of who’s to blame for the drop, an irritated customer will not be engaged in listening or reasoning. Call center software integration must include a way to manage conversation continuity in all aspects, including redials that route the call to the same agent.

Additionally, the integration must include access to all communications regardless of the channel, provide access to all history in an organized fashion, and have access to any backend customer relationship management (CMS) system. In other words, the software system should empower a representative to solve the customer’s problem or answer the questions by providing access to all pertinent information that makes a resolution possible.

Analysis and business process improvement

No business process, regardless of the level of detail and scrutiny, is free from possible improvement. However, to improve, a business must understand where feasible amendments can be made.

This is where reporting and analytics come in. From the vast datasets available from integrating call center software, organizations can focus on specific processes that can be adjusted to improve customer service levels. The visibility that the integration platform offers includes a way to view the entirety of the business and its subsequent performance. Supervisors and decision-makers can review any number of metrics regarding services queues, types of questions the call center receives, or results of a marketing campaign.

Many of the integrations available provide access to third-party data access analytics including Amazon Quicksight and Google Data Studio, among others. These can increase the ability to analyze data. The key to improvement is understanding how and why questions arise or problems occur.

For example, a software company with a call center may gain insight as to where to improve their software when management analyzes data on the types of calls. These may determine that a higher than usual number of calls are arising out of a client’s use of a specific feature. With that information, adjustments or improvements (or instructions on its use) can decrease the call volume and increase customer satisfaction.

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