University Dance Theatre presents its latest performance

(Marilyn Castaneda/The Collegian)

Fresno State premiered its ninth annual Contemporary Dance Ensemble “Moving Through the Static” Feb. 15, the culmination of the Dance 153 course.

Artistic director Kenneth Balint curated a show of six pieces, three of which he choreographed. Senior dance majors Caitlin Gainey and Nathalie Contreras choreographed two dances as well.

“Dance occurs in time, through space and with some kind of force, effort or energy,” Balint said in the program. “Our concert today is centered around the ability of both the dancers’ and the audience members’ kinetic and cerebral understanding of what is really happening at the present moment.”

The energy of the pieces seemed to build as the night unfolded. Gainey’s dance, titled “Salvation,” was deliberate and emotive. Simple white costuming by Kelly Pantzlaff Curry gave the dancers an ethereal fluidity.

Gainey also excelled in her duet with transfer student Zachary Segovia, audience members said.

The piece titled “Friction Brings Fatigue” featured the two dancers in very minimal black costuming and low, warm lighting. Gainey and Segovia showed off their athleticism and strength,  executing difficult lifts with precision.

The final dance, titled “From… last night’s restless attempted sleep” was unexpected and thrilling. The music by composer Ben Cooper was haunting, which combined with the fact that the dancers’ identities were obscured, made for a spectacular finale.

The show will continue to run from Feb. 20 through Feb. 23. Shows start at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $10 for students, $15 for faculty, staff, alumni and military, and $17 for general admission.

For more information, contact the box office at (559) 278-2216 or email

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