Aug 13, 2020
Fresno State. (Jose Romo/The Collegian)

Title IX investigations put on hold as policies change

The California State University system instructed all colleges to put a pause on pending cases involving sexual misconduct, as a new investigation model is put into place, according to the CSU Chancellor’s office.

Toni Molle, director of public affairs from the Office of the Chancellor, said in an email that an interim policy is expected to take effect in the next two weeks, as the current Title IX document undergoes revisions required by the Jan. 4, 2019 California Court of Appeal ruling in John Doe V. Kegan Allee, PH. D.

Molle said in the email the current changes would require that students accused of sexual misconduct who face severe disciplinary sanctions, such as expulsion or suspension, at all California universities, public or private, now have the right to a hearing and to cross-examine, directly or indirectly, their accusers.

According to Molle, the interim policy that is currently being drafted will add guidance regarding how the hearing procedure will occur.

The interim policy will be in place while a formal policy is expected to be brought in during the fall semester, according to Molle.

“Work is continuing on cases up to the point when the investigative report is completed,” Molle said. “Once the interim policy is in place, the paused cases will then proceed to hearing.”

According to Molle, CSU Title IX and Discrimination Harassment and Retaliation [DHR] officers along with campus leaders were made aware of the new policy as of Jan. 10. Title IX and DHR staff notified anyone with current cases in process of the new state policy and that the timeline of its investigation was extended.   

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