The Benefits of Having a Trenchless Water Line Replacement

Homeowners dread pipe replacement. It is never convenient, and it could mean your home and yard are torn up for weeks at a time. Trenchless pipe replacement offers a faster, easier alternative, and it even allows you to fix pipes in hard to reach places. If you need your water line pipes replaced, trenchless replacement has some significant benefits over other methods. Here’s what you should know.

What is trenchless pipe repair?

If you have underground pipes, the traditional method for fixing or replacing them involves digging a trench to reach them. This can lead to enormous landscaping fees and lengthy repair times, but with the trenchless method, you avoid all of this.

There are a couple methods of trenchless replacement, but they all involve replacing or repairing your damaged pipes from the end of the pipe, rather than digging them up along the whole line. In one method, called slip lining, a new inner pipe is slipped into your existing pipe.

In another method, known as pipe bursting, a new pipe is dragged down the line by a head. This head simultaneously bursts your old pipes and moves them out the way while replacing them with the new pipe.

What are the benefits of trenchless repair?

Fast and convenient: Trenchless water line replacement can be done much more quickly than traditional methods. There’s no need to upend your home and lifestyle, call the city to arrange for them to close the street, or relocate your family in order to get your water line replaced. Ordinary replacement can take days or weeks. With trenchless pipe replacement, your whole water line can be done in a day.

Cheaper: You don’t have to pay anyone to come in and re-landscape your lawn if you have your water lines replaced with a trenchless method. If there are damaged pipes within your home, you also avoid having to tear up (and then fix) lots of walls and flooring. Since trenchless pipe replacement is so much faster than traditional methods, you also save a great deal on labor costs.

Durable: Metal corrodes and plastic degrades, but trenchless lining uses a type of liner and resin which are much less likely to have issues. You can expect your trenchless water pipe replacement to last for decades. Once you have it done, there is no need to worry about your pipes again.

Expanded pipes: If you’re unhappy with the performance of your pipes, one issue could be their diameter. If your family has grown or you’re using more water or appliances than previously, this can be frustrating. The pipe bursting method of trenchless replacement removes your damaged pipe and replaces it with a larger pipe that makes your home’s water line more efficient.

Safer: When you have to dig up the lawn and the house in order to replace the pipes, things can get messy and dangerous for everyone. There are things that live in the soil that, when disturbed, can sicken humans and their pets. A trenchless pipe replacement method leaves nearly everything undisturbed so you and your family — not to mention the plumbers — stay safe.

Smaller footprint: The trenchless method is a greener way to repair your water pipes. The old pipes don’t have to be removed and then dealt with, and the new pipe replacement lasts a lot longer, so there are fewer wasted resources in future repairs.

A problem with your water line is not just frustrating to live with; it can also get expensive as leaks waste your water and your money. Trenchless pipe replacement is the perfect way to get your water line replaced quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

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