Aug 14, 2020
Taco Bell's 7-Layer Burrito is a popular vegetarian item and menu staple. The restaurant will be expanding its vegetarian options this year, Sep. 12, 2017. (Joshua Blanchard/Taco Bell)

Letter to the editor: Student warning to other vegetarians

This letter is not intended to smear Robertito’s, nor am I interested in convincing students to give up meat.

I merely want to issue a warning to any vegetarians on campus.

The Robertito’s in the University Student Union advertises certain items as veggie, and even highlight those items with the color green to signify that they are vegetarian items, but this is misleading.

Today, I asked the student employees for clarification since many Mexican restaurants use lard in their beans and chicken broth in their rice.

I asked, “Are the beans vegetarian?” The reply was yes, but I continued to press the employees further.

“Do you use lard in the beans?” The reply again was yes, that it was “vegetarian, not vegan.”

As any vegetarian knows, lard, which is just animal fat, is not a vegetarian item.

I did not ask about the rice, so if you are going to try to eat there, press them about the rice. There may be chicken broth in it.

This place is to be avoided if you are a vegetarian. Beware of their misleading advertising.

You may want to stick to eating at Taco Bell or eating off campus.

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