Jul 05, 2020
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Bulldogs’ favorite Valentine’s stories

Fresno State students were asked how they met their significant other and their favorite Valentine’s Day memories.

I met my boyfriend on Tinder. Yes, Tinder. It’s sort of embarrassing, but times are changing! I never do anything for Valentine’s Day, because my boyfriend takes me out on my birthday, which is February 8th, so it usually counts as both. -Joy

We met on Tinder — not the most romantic thing, but we hit it off right away. Right before our very first date, I realized I’d met him before: over a year before we matched, he was my client at the salon I was working at. Talk about fate! On our first Valentine’s Day together, I threw up right outside of his car. After I washed my mouth out, he kissed me anyway. So romantic. -Sam, 22

We both had unintentionally bought each other teddy bears, except hers was 10 times bigger than the one I gave her. I still have it to this day, because I have no idea what to do with it. -Cristian, 19

We played laser tag for about two hours and ate our favorite food — sushi! -Sergio, 25

I met my boyfriend on a backpacking trip. We started dating a little while after, and for our first date he took me hiking. It was amazing! -Maria, 19

My significant other, Brandon, and I met through college courses of our senior year in high school, but the conversation that sparked everything was through Snapchat during this time of year! He posted a picture of a box of chocolates and I replied “lucky,” and he said, “I’ll get you some if you’d like!” We clicked right from the beginning, literally. Since we are a couple miles away, we are unable to celebrate on Valentine’s Day. However, he manages to visit me during this month! Him bringing me flowers and chocolates to my dorm, even if it is not on Valentine’s Day, will always be my favorite Valentine’s memory!  -Elizabeth, 20

We’re usually too busy for Valentine’s Day, but my favorite was me surprising him for Valentine’s day with wine, roses and chocolate covered strawberries. He cried when I surprised him, and I kinda enjoyed it. It’s not what you do, it’s who you spend it with. But the addition of wooing your significant other is a good feeling too. I make him cry a lot out of happiness when I surprise him when he’s having a bad day. So, there’s that bonus. Apparently, I’m the most romantic and nicest one in my family compared to my brothers as said by their girlfriend and wives. -Anonymous

So, New Year’s Eve I was in my feels and didn’t want to go out. I decided instead to play Overwatch at home on my Xbox. After a few lost games, I heard someone talking and I reached for my microphone to talk back because, human interaction. She was tipsy, funny and so cute. We quoted Vines and Shrek and eventually exchanged social media accounts to share memes. Eventually, after some mutual snooping, we admitted we had crushes and were fond of each other, and now we’re going on a picnic for Valentine’s Day weekend.  -Marco, 22

Favorite Memory: When we embraced and kissed on television during a V-Day “kiss in” protest against homophobes in the free speech area. -Dan

We are currently sophomores in college right now, but we met in junior high. It was 8th grade year, and there was a fight at our school. I was recording the fight, then I felt someone look over my shoulder and try to watch the fight. That girl that was trying to watch the fight ended up being my current girlfriend today. We met through mutual friends about a month later and ended up getting together January 11th.  Six years later, we are still together as students of Fresno State. Every Valentine’s is special as long as I’m with her. -Jordan, 19

I met my significant other at Starbucks. I had just moved back to Farmersville, CA after being away for almost 5 years. I remember going to Starbucks to use the WiFi to search for graduate school programs and only thinking about how much things had changed since I had last been here. It was not till 10-15 minutes later that I saw a guy with curly black hair come in the front door. My first thought about him was that he looked quite different from the guys I was used to seeing. More so, since he had really curly black hair. After that, the rest is history. My favorite Valentine’s Day memory is when he bought me a Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Rose with the little money he had in his pocket. Although he had a little bit of money, he wanted to impress me, so he sold a lot of what he had just to buy me the rose.  -Igdalia, 25

I met the love of my life nearly five years ago at Fresno City College. I had a huge crush on him so I told his friend to put in a good word for me and a few days later, he came up to me and introduced himself. He made me so nervous, I almost gave myself an asthma attack. It’s been almost 4 1/2 incredible years and I still get nervous (in the most beautiful way possible) around him. Anyway, THAT is where our beautiful love story began. Favorite Memory: He took me to Vegas, where he gave me the most beautiful ring and surprised me with 5th row tickets (we were so close to the stage) to see THE legendary Mariah Carey. It was the most incredible night of my life.  I’ll always be grateful for him and for that amazing weekend. I told him that he’ll never have to worry about surprising me on Valentine’s Day again because I’m set for the rest of my life, nothing can top Valentine’s Day 2016! -Monique, 25

I met my boyfriend in 8th grade and we have been together since then! We are now in our 2nd year in college and it feels amazing! -Anonymous, 21

We met on Tinder, surprisingly! Our first Valentine’s was actually our second one-on-one date. He was going out of state for a trip and my class/work schedule wouldn’t allow us to meet for another two weeks after he came back. We decided to schedule a date on the next best day that worked for the two of us–and didn’t realize it was Valentine’s day until the night before! We had a really sweet brunch together and held hands for the first time. It was a really sweet date. We will be celebrating our second anniversary next month. -Anonymous, 22

My boyfriend of three years and I met in our high school orchestra class. My conductor ended up making us stand parents and if it wasn’t for her we wouldn’t be living together and creating new memories years later. We have been high school sweethearts still 2 years after graduation, will be 4 years this October. He has become my best friend and now I couldn’t imagine my life without him. Thank you Ms. Anderson for giving me the love of my life! My favorite Valentine’s Day memory is of my boyfriend rushing around the entire day in order to surprise me with chocolate and flowers and a super last minute dinner. Best night ever because I wasn’t expecting anything and he still went out of his way to get me something to show off. I’m so grateful to be with my best friend. -Kayla

I met my boyfriend on Grindr. Favorite Memory: My boyfriend bringing me my favorite wine as a surprise gift! -Anonymous, 20

I met my sweet man back in high school. We were both in the NJROTC program and both joined the drill team and the color guard team. At first, he was kinda shy but then he opened up and spilled all his feelings for me. That was the best day of my life. He surprised me during lunch time by asking me out on March 7, 2016. From there on, we have lived so many happy memories and I am so happy to have someone like him. You are the best man I could have ever asked for. I love you so so much my love. Happy Valentine’s Day.  -Anonymous

We met in 7th grade in our AVID class, we were friends for 8 years but lost touch and then rekindled last year and got married. Going to celebrate one year of being married in May! -Adrianna, 21

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