Jan 21, 2020

Planning the Perfect Formal

I’m on the planning committee for my school’s winter formal. I’m so excited! I’ve always loved the idea of romantic dances, so I worked hard to make sure that I made it onto the committee. Now that I’m here, I want to make sure that everything goes perfectly. I want this to be a night to remember!

I have some ideas of my own, but I know that it always pays to ask the experts for advice. I’d love to hear what the voices of experience and say about how to plan the perfect dance. I’ll bring the advice to the planning committee along with the best of my own ideas, and hopefully we’ll put together something really amazing!

Congratulations! It’s wonderful that you’ve been able to become involved with something you really care about. The leadership and planning skills that you gain by being a part of this committee will help ensure your bright future. And in the meantime, you’ll get to have fun planning what is sure to be a wonderful dance.

You sound like you already have some great ideas, so we’re sure that you and your peers can, with the guidance of your school’s leaders, put together a really memorable dance. But we’re happy to offer up a little advice to help you along the way.

First, let us recommend that you work closely with the school leaders who will be helping to arrange and plan the dance. Staying in contact with them and communicating clearly is important. They should understand your goals and ideas, and you should understand their limitations and rules. Both groups should understand each other’s expectations. Remember, these school leaders want a safe dance.

It’s not just that collaborating well with school leaders will give you great ideas and help you execute everything perfectly — though that certainly is one reason to work closely with your adult counterparts. On top of that, though, you should remember that these adults are acting as gatekeepers here. To a large degree, they’re going to control the budget and the rules that constrain your dance. Maintaining a good relationship with these adult leaders will help ensure that they’re working with you instead of against you. You may even find them willing to bend the rules and budget a bit for you if you maintain a really productive and friendly working relationship with them. If, on the other hand, you have a combative relationship with these leaders, you can expect roadblocks, limitations, and stress all through the planning process.

Speaking of teamwork, you’ll want to be on good terms with your fellow students on the committee, too. When you’re all pulling in the same direction, you’ll get more done and create a more complete vision of the dance you’re dreaming of. If you feud with your fellow committee members, the resulting dance will be all over the place in its theme and quality.

Remember your social skills and strategies for compromising. A good place to start discussion is to focus on big-picture themes. Don’t let the overall direction of your dance and its theme be determined by a thousand petty squabbles over wall hangings and table centerpieces. That will be exhausting and self-defeating, and it will lead to a mishmash of decorative touches and other details that will reflect the conflicts within your committee. Instead, start with the big questions and then work down to the details.

Organizing your efforts this way will also help you save time. Start planning early and work hard, but remember that wasting time arguing can erase even the biggest head start! Efficiency and an early start are both key.

When you do get down to the details, focus on quality and high-impact decor. You’ll find lots of great tips for planning a formal online, and you’ll no doubt have lots of your own opinions to explore.

Finally, don’t forget the people who will be at the center of this event: the guests, your fellow students! The perfect dance won’t just be a reflection of your tastes and the tastes of the other people planning the event. The perfect dance will be suited to its guests and will make students feel at home and ready to enjoy themselves.

We’re sure that you’re going to do a great job planning your winter formal. Good luck!

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