Jul 06, 2020

Letter to the editor: Fresno state parking frustration continues

To the Editor in Chief of The Collegian,

As a student that has been attending Fresno State University for four years, the lack of parking has persisted throughout my undergraduate years and has been a constant frustration.

Since my freshman year, securing parking has been stressful and has impacted my daily wellness as an individual.

It is stressful to have to leave an extra hour early, prior to classes, to ensure that parking is secured and that I’ll be on time to class.

A great addition to our many small school improvements over the years should be to upgrade the large parking lot on Barstow Avenue and Campus Drive into a multilevel parking structure.

I believe that getting the student body involved with plans for such a structure, just as they did the new student USU, would move the progress along much faster.

When given the resources and the option to help, it provides a greater chance of these new school improvements to be initiated much faster.

I believe that if an Associated Students, Inc. representative wrote in a ballot to create a parking structure, it would surely pass due to the availability of closer parking next to campus.

Many students that I know share the common struggle of being late to class due to finding no parking in certain lots and resorting to parking lots on the far side of campus, which are far away from their classes.

A parking structure would surely make students’ lives less stressful, especially for new incoming students.

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