HealthSoul: The Leading Platform for Reviews of Doctors and Healthcare Providers

HealthSoul is an online platform where users and health care providers can find a comprehensive directory of hospitals, doctors, health insurance and travel health insurance companies in various countries. Founded in 2016, HealthSoul is made up of a team of medical professionals, engineers, and like-minded health care consumers. HealthSoul works to bring their customers unbiased and real patient testimonials and reviews, and to cater to all health care related challenges, issues or inquiries. The main vision of the company is “to help consumers mitigate challenges faced in finding the right health care.”


How it started


Dr. Ish Singla founded the company along with his wife, Deepali Singla, during their experience with the high-risk pregnancy of having twins. The couple was inspired to provide a platform that was easily accessible to those in search for good hospitals, doctors, and health insurance care. Using their own experience, the couple created the website HealthSoul to create an easy and satisfactory place for people to search through in times of difficulty.


What it does


HealthSoul provides trustworthy reviews of doctors, hospitals, health insurance, and travel health insurance in cities and countries around the world. Users can search for certain names or companies, browse through reviews and ratings by other users, or provide their own ratings on doctors or hospitals. A reward system gives users social points for participating in various promotions and posting reviews, encouraging them to be active in the HealthSoul community. More importantly, users can also request appointments through the website and modify, cancel or set reminders about them. HealthSoul allows users to set certain doctors or facilities as their favorites, for quick access when needed. It also provides a blog for further insight into health or health care related subjects.


Other features


Furthermore, HealthSoul offers health care providers a free account to create a web page or profile of their services. Through this web page, health care providers can increase their search results, respond to customer reviews, and keep track of all their HealthSoul visitors. A premium account gives healthcare providers the opportunity to appear in featured ad platforms, use star ratings for brand awareness using SEO and promote their practice specials to all their health care customers. The premium account also allows patients to book appointments with health care providers.


A forum section gives users the opportunity to ask any general questions they may have. General questions include inquiries related to the website, or more health related issues such as “back pain” “what does this symptom mean?” and others. More detailed or specific questions can be directed to HealthSoul experts and community people. HealthSoul values the opinions of its users and urges its users to include their own ratings and to further promote transparency in worldwide health care systems, letting others benefit from their assessments.


Social media


HealthSoul is very active with social media. Users can follow the company on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, where they can find more resources and information regarding HealthSoul and various health related topics. The HealthSoul blog includes articles on common concerns, as well as information on topics such as nutrition, healthy eating, diseases, health complications, symptoms and treatments. Users have the option of subscribing to the blogs for daily updates and recommendations.


HealthSoul does its best to live up to its important vision to help customers through health challenges, and to give them trustworthy resources when researching health care. Its main feature is the quality reviews and rating features for doctors and hospitals on the website, mirroring Yelp in some ways, for the healthcare industry. HealthSoul is determined to provide the best customer service and resources to create a safe and reliable platform for users to make their search for dependable health care services easy and secure.

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