Janz picks up student support in Collegian poll

Republican incumbent Devin Nunes and Democrat challenger Andrew Janz are running for congress in District 22 in the Nov. 6 midterms. (Illustration by Crescencio Delgado-Rodriguez/The Collegian)

Editor’s note: The Collegian surveyed 400 Fresno State students in 12 political science classes to ask how they planned to vote in the Nov. 6 District 22 congressional race between incumbent Republican Devin Nunes and Democrat challenger Andrew Janz. Out of 400 eligible voter students, 207 answered that they lived in Congressional District 22. Only those votes were considered as an official response for this survey.

Out of 207 students from District 22 surveyed by The Collegian for the District 22 Congressional race between Democratic candidate Andrew Janz and Republican incumbent Devin Nunes, the majority of students favored Janz.

Of students eligible to cast a vote in this survey, 140 of the 207 students indicated Janz has their vote for the Nov. 6 midterm election. Sixty-five students who live in the district and took the survey said they would vote for Nunes.

Over the past several months, Janz and Nunes have been battling through their respective advertisements and local appearances to get their messages out to the public. Janz has been visible at community events, schools and family homes to speak about his views and why he thinks he’s suited to beat Nunes. Nunes has been largely absent from public eye for weeks.

In recent months, Nunes’ lack of public visibility has led mostly Janz supporters to question his whereabouts. The results of this Collegian survey demonstrates that students may know more about Janz than Nunes, or at least have their candidate preference locked in.

The age group of those surveyed ranges from 18 to 36. The students, which were randomly selected from political science classes at Fresno State, indicated they were registered voters and will be voting on Nov. 6.  

It remains important for everyone to make their voice heard at the ballot box.

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